Indian Culture

The Food of the Indian Subcontinent

India is known for its colourful and aromatic food. Mmm, I can smell those Uttaphas now, the Pav-Bhaji, the Dosas, the Idlis, the Khaman Doklas…is your mouth watering yet?

Let me tell you a little about the origin of these foods – each Indian culture and state have given us the pleasure of tasting these delicious recipes; my personal favourite is the Pav Bhaji and the best ones I have tasted have been in India, ofcourse!

So, we have the South Indian State, the Gujarat, the Bengal, and the Punjab. Let’s start with South India.

South India

South India is best known for foods made of rice, coconuts, milk and plain yoghurt. The Dosa, Idlis and Vaada Pav are just some of the  specialities they create. When it comes to curries, South Indians love their spicy fish too.

Dosa, crispy savory pancake from South India Stock Photo - 10369975     Dish of delicious, mouth-watering


Where would the Gujaratis be without their Khaman Doklas and the Theplas? Dhal, Bhat (Rice), Shak (Sabzi) and Rotli (Roti) is a must for the Gujaratis around the world, which is eaten at lunchtimes or dinnertimes. If you happen to be in the Gujarat, you will mostly see vegetarian foods.

Indian lunch - chapatti, vegetables, sprouts and curries Stock Photo - 10193510     Dhokla,Indian snack Stock Photo - 8725562


Bengal are known for their sweets, made with cottage cheese – Rasgulla (spongy cottage cheese balls in syrup) Mishti Doi (sweetened curd) and Sandesh (cottage cheese fudge) are some of the favourite ones. Bengalis like their spicy meat and fish too.



Punjabi food is tantalising and big, their Parothas, Saag (Sabzi) and rice are staple to their diet. They like to use large amounts of butter or ghee (clarified butter) and cream in their foods, not forgetting ginger, garlic and onion mixed in with mouth watering spices.


These are just some of the delicious foods which have been brought to us to taste over the years and will continue.

In Freedom of the Monsoon, you will see many references to Gujarati food and some other Indian foods too, some of which I have mentioned above.

Long Live Indian Food! :0)


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