My favourite characters

My Favourite Characters – Mr. Darcy

In this section, I will talk about my favourite characters. Today, I will talk about Mr.Darcy.

Yes, the infamous Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  A classic characterisation from an era which still intrigues me. There is something about the early 19th century – which is where the story is set – the romantic association with the language, the dress, the carriages, the living and then the pairing of a suitable man and woman. Pride and Prejudice fits all.

When one hears the words ‘Pride’ and ‘Prejudice’, one thinks of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Their love for one another, although not apparent at first, sparks something in the reader’s mind and heart.  Their brooding, intense relationship is something that everyone talks about. Both are stubborn and set in their ways and that is what the romantic loves.

Mr Darcy’s character was cleverly written; his reluctance of engaging in a relationship, his wise perception of people and his caring nature; a quality? I nod my head enthusiastically. If I talk about Mr Darcy, I have to speak of Elizabeth Bennet, for you cannot mention one without the other. In her heart, she seeks only him but cannot help but be disappointed by what she hears and judges. There is sizzling chemistry underneath their feigned ignorance of one another and the reader reads on eagerly to finally witness their declaration of love.

Generations have found Mr. Darcy dashing beyond means. From the time he was created to now, he still ‘lives’ with us. Countless books, articles and films have been written and made. Mr. Darcy has been worshipped at different levels, maybe even spiritually.

In the books we write, the journals we scribble in, perhaps there is a Mr Darcy present? Perhaps somewhere his qualities emerge in our writings, in some form or another. I sure hope so.


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