Something to think about

The day is thick with clouds, black and grey rolling angrily in the night sky

The wind is howling, whistling through alley ways and leaves

Someone’s brollie turns upside down as she tries to hold her hat on

A police wail sounds in the distance…

Something so simple yet so effective, the words conjure up feelings, curiosity and interest. They promise some kind of drama. This could be part of a movie, a book or even your own life. We face these obstacles so many times in a day, a week and a month but this kind of scene never ceases to leave us bored.

Words are powerful and convey so many thoughts. Sometimes they hurt and sometimes they bring joy. We write words down on paper, on our hand and on anything we can get our hands on – plastic, the wall, the door.

For me, words save my life on a daily basis. You must think ‘that is absurd’. But is it really? When I am down, I write. When I am happy, I write. When I don’t write, I get withdrawal systems. Without words, life can be bleak.

Next time you write, think about Words – what will they mean to you?

The children in this picture just conveyed their own word: Freedom


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