My Daily Social Promotional Lookouts!

Marketing is one of those things that is unavoidable, be it a business of  any kind. This post is about my mad ‘check ins’ of my favourite social networks. Most of you know, I have written a book (Freedom of the Monsoon – check it out! :0) ) and I spend a lot of time on the net – promoting, reading, researching and interacting with fellow writers, authors and bloggers to get my book out there and to get to know what everyone else has written, meanwhile making friends!

But apart from the promotional bit, I do really enjoy talking to everyone. It makes me feel like someone is out there in the big Wide World Web.

Let’s start with Facebook:

This is an informal place to allow people you know: friends,  family and colleagues to see what you are doing and to interact with you. It is great as you can now ‘chat’ with people who you don’t see on a regular basis.

I am able to let my close and distant family and friends in India and the UK  know about my life. I get to “see” them and it’s like I am part of their lives. I am not talking through letters which if you remember, took ages to arrive, and then it took ages to write and then it took ages posting back! Now, thanks to the lovely internet, it’s like we are growing up together, instead of through a black non-seeing space…

Facebook is great for promoting your book(s) and other interests too; you can join groups which you wouldn’t do normally and this is a great way to stay on top form. This way, your ‘friends’ list grows, which is fantastic in itself.

Before I wrote and published my book, I registered with Facebook and went on it sure, but rarely. Now, it’s like my full-time job! Don’t get me wrong, oh no, this full-time job is a job I like!


This great site is for writers and readers.  A way to spread the word about your book and the books you like to read and give reviews and get reviews too. Here, you can also join and participate in group conversations and learn a great deal about writing. With the option of adding yourself as an author, you add a wealth of information onto your profile that will let others know about you.

This site is really orientated around reading – the title Goodreads stands for itself :0) .  If you are lucky and I hope this happens to me – an agent or a traditional publisher who may happen to come across to your profile, may want to talk to you. It can be a dream come true if you want to be traditionally published; in my case, to reach a larger audience worldwide and to have my work published in Gujarati and Hindi – the day a publisher/agent comes to knock on my door for that specific reason – would be a very good day indeed!

I am able to interact with fellow authors and readers here;  some have even marked my book ‘to read’ or ‘are currently reading it.’ Just that – the fact that I and my books are likeable – makes me want to comment and read other author’s work too.


When I came to this site, I thought, how on earth am I going to get any headway here? I was not familiar with this social networking gig at all and found it quite daunting to begin with, but I didn’t disregard it. I ‘followed’ several tweets and twitters and fell into a pattern. I followed loads and some followed back.

I learnt to contact the people I wanted to approach, to let them know about my book and about me. I used Key words and searched on that basis. The results were astounding. As more and more people began to follow me and DM (Direct Message) me, I made a few more sales.

*********************************  *****************************

There are many other social networks ofcourse that you could join  – LinkedIn (another one of my social promotional lookouts), The Reading Room (just recently joined).

If you are a blogger, that is another way to interact with people by starting a conversation or letting people comment on your posts. My blog is aWordPress site and it is a lifeline. With this brilliant tool, I am able to bring people to my site and see what they like and what they don’t. I see how many visit my site on a day to day basis and what they are reading. I Thank WordPress.

Never shy away from these sites – they will help you in more ways than ten!

My sites: (WordPress)!/malika.gandhi (Facebook)!/malikagandhi (Twitter) (Goodreads) (LinkedIn)


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