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The success story of ‘The Germany I left behind’

A while ago, Uta Burke wrote a guest post on her experiences and how life was in Germany – the country that she left behind.

After it was posted on this site, Uta shared it to her German Facebook group (German Girls Living in America – GGLIA). The article did not just stop there; in fact it was shared so much that it found it’s way to Germany.  Uta then began to get requests to read her book but  she reassured her readers that it wasn’t a book but an article.

But this is where Uta followed through. She posted an idea to GGLIA and asked them if they would be interested in compiling their experiences about living in America. They loved it,  and every other day, Uta posted a question and collected comments as well as essays!

Three months later, their book: Good-bye, Germany – Hallo Amerika is ready to go in print.  Although written mainly in German, people from both sides of the Atlantic are waiting to buy it.

The proceeds will go to a good cause and is dedicated to a friend of theirs who got shot last year in Copley, Ohio, when she and her whole family were killed by a neighbour (August 7, 2011, 8 dead).

The book will be available on and

Watch this space for more updates!

A fact : the article went live on 3rd April 2012 and recieved 933 hits in one night...and still going!

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