Positive thinking

Positive thoughts against Negative thoughts

To gain success we must think positively. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But it’s not so simple. Recently I have come across a book which has helped me in my thinking and my analysing of my world around me.

I have taken a step back and looked at things in a different way. We all want success and a happier life and we always want more. Of course, we must work hard for it as it doesn’t just fall in our laps. But we have to think differently and that is the key to success.

Our minds are full of clutter of everyday, unwanted litter and we must delete them. Like an inbox full of spam, we must clear it all from our database – the mind.

Meditation and Yoga is a powerful tool to help us do this. It washes away our insercurities and our negative thinking. It need not take a lot of time but just twenty minutes of your time. Let your thoughts come to you freely and discard the ones you don’t want.

Speak to your higher power or your guiding spirits and see where they will lead you.

Remember, positive thinking and a clear mind, with meditation and yoga is the path to take.


3 thoughts on “Positive thoughts against Negative thoughts”

  1. I find that my dreams are rather meditative. A great deal of crap seems to get cleared out of my head when I sleep. What kind of yoga do you mean, tho–I’ve heard there are several different kinds.

  2. Someone else told the same to me — before the hurricane struck my area last week. It is hard to do when a threat of great magnitude is striking — but it can be done — even though I did not take the time to do it last week — instead, I allowed myself to be in a high alert nervous mode and I know one has the power to overcome that mode — one’s mind can break you or make you — and you do have to have exercises as simple as closing your eyes for a few moments and become relaxed and calm all the while taking deep deep breaths from your stomach and then exhaling.

    Simple and effective as all the other acts of rejuvenation you speak of — yet, we do not take the time to do it. Before I die, I desire to be a successful business woman, more importantly I want to be as one person stated when asked “How do you want to die?” and her answer was “To love and to be loved!” When you love and are loved — you have succeeded — and all those acts of rejuvenation helps in that particular category — but for success too..

    Great topic Malika!

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