Celebrating Eid with Food

Today I am joining Pavarti K Tyler from Fighting Monkey Press and many other bloggers in the celebration of Eid. Although I am a Hindu/Jain, I believe all faiths are important as well as supporting one another through communities.

Eid, like Diwali and Christmas is a time for celebration. Eid marks the end of the fasting month for the Muslim community so today, I am sharing my favourite Indian recipe of Paneer.

Paneer is an Indian cheese which is called cottage cheese in English. However, it is nothing like the clotted, white cheese we get here in England. It has a moorish flavour anc can be bland, but when cooked with the right spices, it is just amazing!

The recipe I will show today will be something I created by experimenting. Luckily for me, it worked! The recipe is Tandoori Paneer and can be eaten with naan bread or rice.



Paneer, cut into cubes

Jeera seeds

Red food colouring

Oil – sunflower/olive


A can of tomatoes

Garam Masala powder

Tandoori Masala powder

Fresh or frozen coriander

Sunflower or olive oil



1. Add two tbsp of oil into a pan. When hot, add Jeera seeds and let it sizzle for a second. Add some cubed paneer pieces, a tbsp of tandoori masala powder and a pinch of red food colouring. Fry altogether until the paneer is soft to touch. Repeat this for the rest of the paneer pieces and set on once side when done.

2. For the sauce, open a can on tomatoes and grind them in a food processer until smooth. Add fresh or frozen coriander, salt to taste, a tbsp of tandoori powder and garam masala powder, a tspn of oil and cook in a pan for 5-10 mins until thickened.

3. In an oven tray, lay down all the paneer and pour the sauce over it. Make sure to cover the paneer well.

4. Put the paneer under a hot grill and let it cook until it is ‘barbequed’, in other words, when the paneer is black and crispy on top.

5. Serve with naan bread or rice.

6. Enjoy!

*** *** ***

I hope you will like the Paneer recipe I have shown. Any comments would be great!

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10 thoughts on “Celebrating Eid with Food”

  1. I’ve never had luck cooking Paneer – I’ll have to try this and see if it’s me :) Thanks for participating Malika, this has been fun already and a great way to get to know everyone online a little better. ~ Pav

  2. Well done! I love Paneer! My favourite along with Mozarella! Am sure you are a brilliant cook. I am terrible – and just lazy to cook properly!

  3. I am wondering if you actually can substitute Paneer with cottage cheese? I would love to try your recipe, but I’m afraid that I won’t find paneer in the grocery stores here.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds delicious, Malika. Do you think it would work with halloumi or goat’s cheese? I can’t get paneer where I am. Jeera seeds, they’re the same as cumin seeds, right?

    1. Hi Patrick

      It would work with goats cheese, I think – but if you can Quorn, Soya or Chicken – it would work just as well. Jeera seeds are cumin seeds, yes, you are right! I would love to know how it turns out for you. Please send me a line when you make it.

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