An Artist or a Business Person

When the Writer first began to write, they did not think of profit or loss, income or no income. Instead they thought of success of another level. An Artist is a person who is creative and fair flowing, if you get the impression. They work from the heart, not the brain.

Artists work in various ways – cartoonist, graphic/interior designer, painters, illustrators, writers, bloggers, as authors…the list is endless. But once the creative part is over, they need to put their suits on and become marketing/business managers. How would they live if they had no money coming in? They can’t live on air. An Artist must become business minded to go forward, to bring basics to the table and to help carry on being that Artist.

It is true, when an Artist creates something and puts it out in the market, the product may not sell well or at all. They then want to give up and do something they hate doing – a job which can be demoralising. But I say, don’t give up on that dream to be a writer/author/independent film-maker. Go and do a day job but also carry on BEING an Artist! Don’t hang up your coat, don’t put away your pen or paintbrush. Success is only out of reach if you don’t reach for it. So when, you the Artist, think your creativeness is not taking you anywhere and what’s the point of carrying on – think again, buster!

The Artist is the Creative One and without them, the world would not be able to function. Where would they all be if the Writer stopped writing, stopped making everyone laugh or cry and letting their emotions run wild for a while? What would happen if they couldn’t be humoured with films, good writing or visual brilliance?

Am I talking about you?

The business man needs the Artist and the Artist needs the business man. Become both as then you will survive in this fast,  upside-down world!

But NEVER forget to be an Artist first and never stop reaching for your dream!



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