I am writing my second book!


I sit back and wonder in amazement: I am writing my second book! Who knew it? This year has been a wonderful experience and I have made so many good author friends (thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads!). I have learnt a lot about writing and read everything and anything on writing and self-publishing, not to mention the number of articles I have written for my own blog and other brilliant blogs too.

I am enjoying this experience so much that I never want to give it up. As I am writing my second book, I am thinking about my third. What will I write? The world is an amazing place and I am sure I will come up with something!

Before I talk about my second book, Where the Secret Lies, I will talk a bit about my first book Freedom of the Monsoon which I must, as these two books are related.

About Freedom of the Monsoon and the process to where it is now

This book was my baby. I wrote it when I was at uni and that is around eighteen years ago. I was a very first time writer and didn’t really know how to write but I managed to finish it. As all new authors, I tried to get it published via the traditional route. At the time it was the only option as writer’s self-publishing sites didn’t exist.

There came a time where I was getting nowhere and stopped re-writing my first book. I got married and had children. After my second child was born, I began to polish my novel once again. I had help from writers who were on the Authonomy and the many writing courses I attended.

Then like magic, I discovered and I met a lovely author on there – whom many of you all know – Pam Howes. She directed me to editor John Hudspith and a great cover maker JD Smith. They are great people and helped me with my first step into the writing world and I thank them so much!

So I published my debut Freedom of the Monsoon in January 2012 and I am near to finish writing my second book in the same year which will be published in early 2013. To me, this is a personal achievement and I am proud of my drive to achieve this new height.

Freedom of the Monsoon: Personal struggle is the play in five people’s lives. From a village in 1947 India, five individuals struggle against the Quit India movement. Each character has their own story to tell. It is a novel set in India and is about Colonial India, 1942-1947. It is about love, justice, hate and love again. I have had great reviews and I think if you read this book, you will love it too. If you loved watching the Hollywood movie GANDHI, you will love reading this book too. It is not political, it is personal.

Now I will talk about my next book  – the one I am currently writing now – yea!

Where the Secret Lies

Let me talk about the title first. How did it come to me and why I thought of such a title? Okay, in the novel, it is about a SECRET, a PLACE where it is hidden and in an OBJECT where the secret is found. Intrigued? I hope so! I thought of this name whilst in the shower where most of my novel idea thinking takes place. Try it, you will be amazed!

So getting back to the topic of the novel, these three words – SECRET, PLACE AND OBJECT led me to come up with the title. Even though the book is set in India as it must (I will talk about that in a mo) I wanted a generic yet an eye-catching title.

The genre of the book is YA/Paranormal, something quite different to my first novel. Now let me tell you why the book is based in India. Where the Secret Lies is a continuation of the first novel, not quite a sequel nor a total different book either. It relays aspects of Freedom of the Monsoon which is why it has to be set in India.

There is a character – Anjali, whom I have brought from the first book and her story continues from 1947, post Independence India – during partition. Then there is a girl from 2012, London. Her name is Arianna. She goes to India for a wedding/holiday. These two are connected but how?

I am enjoying writing this novel so much and I can’t wait until you all get to read it too!

Just in case you are curious about the first book and want to read it before the second, here is a link:

Thank you for reading this post, any comments are always welcome!


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