Art and Book Works by Deborah Gray

Today, I am introducing a new artist/author on the block – Deborah Gray. A story-teller to her friends, children and now her grandchildren, she has published a series of works of children’s fiction with her sister:

Pookie the Roo and Friends Survive the Floods

Authors Deborah Gray/ Jennifer Stevens/ Sheryl Garrick.

In 2012 she expanded and created a self publishing house – Kidz Bookz Publishing.

Pookie the Kangaroo Fears the Floods & Pookie the Kangaroo Braves the Bushfire  Published by Kidz Bookz Publishing

and self published The Adventures of Pigalotoffun.

As well as writing books, she is also a graphic designer and has designed many illustrations. Here are a few of her fantastic graphics:

Blue & Black Clouds

Bubble Palms

colour clouds

Fluffy Clouds


Plant in Pot

Purple & Black Clouds

If you are interested in Deborah’s work and would like to commission some art work for a book cover or anything else, please email her at

Website –


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