Indian History

My Work In Progress

Well, I have finished my second book and now I am writing my third. I have decided to move away from India and Indian cultures and will be focusing a story more to the West. My third book – No Choice (working title only at the this point) will be about a clan of British witches who have enormous power but are influenced by the Witches of the Northern Hemisphere. Details are still sketchy at this point but will be an enjoyable challenge to write!

If you like the sound of the book, please do follow me as I write more and more and if you have suggestions, just pop me a comment! I also welcome any beta readers!

Happy reading!





1 thought on “My Work In Progress”

  1. Sounds fun. It’s kind of funny, but because I have family connections in the region, I’ve been writing epic fantasy stories with a Pakistani progagonist. The one I’m working on right now actually takes place in Pakistan. The other fantasy series I’m working on is far more western based (but even there not entirely).

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