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Where do my stories take me? by Donna Brown

DOUBLETAKETALES_zpse8251a63Donna Brown, author of Double-take tales, talks of how she goes about writing the ‘settings’ in her books. When she writes, she see’s places, smells the atmosphere and hears sounds but let’s hear it from her…


I sometimes have a strange lack of connection with the characters in my stories (as evidenced by the things I put them through) and the same is true for locations. When I am writing, I can see the people and places: I imagine myself standing in front of the police station mentioned in C’est La Vie, or with the locals in the old-fashioned pub in Round Trip, or drinking coffee in the smart kitchen in Poison. I can imagine every smell and sound with such clarity that I know every character and location must be based – at least in part – on an amalgamation of dozens of real life experiences.

During my life I’ve lived in over 20 houses, been to 7 different schools/colleges and lived in several different counties in England. Sometimes I dream of places and spaces that seem familiar but that I can’t quite recollect. Sometimes I dream of houses that have the exterior of one former home and the interior of another.

I can only think that I build the locations as I build the story. I can imagine every setting, the sight and sounds, but if you asked me to map it out, I’d be stumped. Guided tour? Sure, no problem. Written directions? No way, no how.

For years, I’ve wished I could draw or paint. I cannot ever imagine that I will fully share the vibrant images I have in my dreams by words alone. Instead, I will continue to build these stories and though I may not share every detail of a building or every facet of a character, know that they are constructed from hundreds of real life glimpses of places, spaces and faces. Ask me where my stories are set and I’d have to say “everywhere I’ve ever been”.

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