What makes Paul Levas write

Today, I am introducing Paul Levas, a writer of short stories. He was born and grew up in Antioch, IL but has lived in Phoenix, AZ, forth. Here, he tells us of his inspiration when it came to writing these three, short amazing pieces: The Shed, Sweet Temptation and Shadows.


shedThe Shed

The Shed has become one of my favorite stories, and I write what I know. Yes, I get images and transform them into things I know nothing about, but the stories that I come across and are really good, are the ones I can feel for myself: the emotion, the heart, the observation I have seen, the setting.

The Shed is a story I know. My brother is allergic to bees, and I have witnessed himgetting stung and swell up. If he didn’t have his medicine, he wouldn’t be alive today. So, the idea of The Shed began. I was sitting out in the backyard of my house, where there is a wooden shed filled with all my junk that I don’t use. For about three weeks I kept wondering what was in there? And what was that noise? There weren’t any noises coming from my shed. It was my internal thinking. And then Stephen King’s short story ‘The Lawnmower man’ had popped up in my head. A man alone in his backyard intrigued me. And I started to wonder what if a man was out in his backyard alone and heard noises while cleaning his yard and shed? This man, Steve Stark, had a chore his wife wanted him to help with, although he didn’t want to, he proceeded, but Steve and his wife Madison have a deep and tragic past: the loss of their son that occurred in the very shed he must clean. My fiancée was dealt with a tragic loss in her past, as well have I, and I incorporated those elements into The Shed. This is a work of fiction, but the emotions in this story are very close to me. The Shed is about loss, grief, regret, and the horror of mistakes.


SweetTempSweet Temptation

This longer story came to me about a year ago, but I didn’t want to write it because it was too disturbing. I’ve had many issues and situations in the past three years that I can’t stand, and one day, I had a thought—a writing thought—that scared the crap out of me. The thought was what if someone gave and gave to a roommate without anything in return except disrespect, and bluntly ugliness to the one that holds down the roof? What if he went crazy? Now, the ending had surprised me and even sickened me, but in the end, Sweet Temptation is everything the title is.








I don’t know where Shadows came from. All I know is that it was a wonderful creation. I had no set plot, no set beginning,Shadows middle, or end. I sat down one morning, and talked to a friend about another story idea, while wondering what to write. This story is exactly what Stephen King calls a small fossil. It came up through nothing. I dug out this small piece, and came out with a character I never thought I’d write about. It came up through nothing. And although with it being five pages in length, it is a strong interpretation of the human race, and how we take advantage.

Shadows comes out May 1st 2013


To Purchase Paul’s books, please click on the links below: – Amazon, The Shed – Amazon, Sweet Tempation





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