I am writing this post for a specific reason – to gain an insight into paranormal activities on different levels. First of all, what does the word ‘paranormal’ mean? In the dictionary, it is described as “anything beyond scientific explanations or reasoning“.  So, does it refer to spirits or ghosts?  I think so. Even though we have seen footage from the enthusiastic paranormal film maker and the over-zealous photographer, how do we know it is real? How can we be sure that what they are showing us is the truth and not something made up? We don’t know or can’t be sure, ever. But we can believe. Leicester-20130313-00866 - Copy

Have we ever seen God? No, but we Believe. It is the same with paranormal activities – we can claim to have seen a ghost/spirit or heard something “go bump in the night” but we cannot prove it. This is no science but a type of faith – a belief that ghosts/spirits DO exist.

What is the difference between a spirit and a ghost? Is there a difference?? In my thinking, a spirit is someone who looks out for his/her loved ones after his/her passing. A ghost is someone who lurks between two places after death, unable to move on. This is just a thought, my opinion but the fact could be that there is no real difference; both the ghost and spirit are one. After all, cannot a ghost look out for you after his/her death?

I have to admit, the thought of meeting a spirit frightens the hell out of me and as yet I have not ever met a spirit or ghost. Do I want to?  Yes – if he/she is kind and not intent on scaring me! The majority of us do not like the unknown and so anything like a spirit or ghost is not something we want to face!


In the living world, there are many people who claim to be mediums. They are able to See, Sense, Hear and Talk to spirits/ghosts. They are able to help a family member reach out to the dead to help them overcome their grief or troubled hearts. I often wonder if the mediums are true or money-making scammers. As I write, a popular movie comes to mind: Ghost – with Whoopie Goldberg, who played a fake medium but who was actually a real one, something she was unknown of until she met a ghost. So perhaps, there is a real medium out there and perhaps they do not want anyone to know they see, hear and can talk to a paranormal being. To be able to contact a spirit in any way is a gift, but that gift may not be welcome to the person receiving it.

Paranormal Experiences

From personal experience, I feel my grandmother is always with me, even though reincarnation is one of my great beliefs. Can a soul who has moved into another body, still be able to “look” out for their living loved ones? Is there a connection? The living and the dead world work in mysterious ways that no can actually prove but who is to say they are not real?

Here are some real experiences from people who have seen, heard and sensed a ghost/spirit, some stories will freak you out and some are just curious…

Ouija Board Message

As a child, my stepmother would use a Ouija board to decide whether to go shopping in Slough or Windsor. She was, to say the least, a bit ‘odd’. Anyway, one day she was consulting the Ouija board and, as usual, had dragged myself and my brother in on the affair. Now I will grant you that we did sit in on these things with a mix of awe and scorn, but this particular evening was particularly disturbing. My stepmother made contact with a deceased family member who was chatting away as animatedly as one can with an upturned glass spinning around a board highlighting one letter at a time, when the spirit suddenly told us that, that very night, someone close to us would die. It was a little unsettling and prompted my brother and I to interrogate the spirit further, but no matter how hard we pressed, the spirit would reveal no more. That night, about an hour after we had all gone to bed, my Uncle Roger sped off the road in his car and was killed instantly.

 One Last Goodbye

In our home in NY, we always had a large portrait of my maternal grandparents with their four children (my mom, her sister and two brothers) up on a wall along the stairs. About two weeks after my mom passed away (my parents lived with us in that house), that portrait (which was in a heavy wooden frame and hung there for years) just up and fell off the wall. It had never happened before and it had hung there for many years hooked by a wire over a picture hanger and had always been secure. I always felt it was my mom saying one last goodbye to us. She had come home from the hospital during her final illness, with Hospice attending and she passed away at home just like she wanted. I am sure rational people would say, years of traffic going by had somehow loosened the picture and it just was coincidence. But I felt her presence when it happened.

Period Ghosts

We used to have ghosts walk through our apartment when we lived downtown. It was disconcerting at first but we got used to them. Just watched them walk through. Could see through them. She wore a long skirt and white blouse, both were dressed in about period 1890 clothes I’m guessing. They didn’t speak to any of us the whole time but we’re not psychic. They didn’t even act as if they noticed us. Think we got introduced the second day living there when this hand and nothing else opened the front door.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting real stories. Follow me on this blog to read the next story!


Malika Gandhi is the author of Where the Secret Lies – a Paranormal romance with a twist! It has a sealed door, a spirit and a secret. A suspense you cannot put down…


A mansion (Haveli). A sealed door. A spirit.

And a secret.

A secret only the spirit knows – and only nineteen-year-old Arianna can set free.
Arianna and her family travel to India from London, for a splendid wedding. Excitement soon turns secondary when strange happenings transpire within the Haveli walls. Hitherto, a sealed door opens and Arianna is given Anjali’s diary.

And so begins a paranormal experience that leaves her stunned. Arianna wants answers. Who is Anjali? Why did the door unseal for her? Is there something the spirit wants to show her?


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  1. That was a good blog and for an interesting one while I’m at it. I am actually starting my own paranormal investigation. I myself actually have some pictures to prove of there existence! Will you be posting more about the subject?

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