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A Ghostly Visit

Today begins my series of ghost stories, of paranormal experiences, and of curious events. Come along on this exciting journey with me and read about spirits, haunted places, unexplained presence and more!

My first story comes from Anna Walls, the daughter of a rancher, a wife to a fisherman and a mother of two wonderful boys. To know more about Anna, visit her blogs below. 

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Her Story – A Ghostly Visit

When I was in college, I wasn’t much for the party scene, though I wasn’t a top student either. For me college was a means to an end and the end I’d chosen wasn’t available by the time I got there, but there I was, so I tried to make the best of it.

 One day, I was taking a nap in the afternoon, taking advantage of my room mate being off to her own classes, when I was startled awake, only I couldn’t quite wake up in the usual way – you know, sit up, open the eyes and look around. I was unable to do any of that, but I certainly felt fully awake. As someone who dreams lucid and recurring dreams, I think I know the difference. I was also unwilling to break the spell. I had the distinct feeling that if I did try to move or open my eyes, I would succeed, but then my curiosity would not be satisfied and whatever woke me would vanish like a puff of smoke.

Anyway, there I lay, stalk still with my eyes closed, and yet every feature of my room seemed to be laid out before my mind, including the dog standing in my open dorm-room door. This dog was a collie, and just like in many of my dreams I seemed to know who this dog was. However, there was a choice as well. When I was a little kid, the family dog (a collie named Chris) took care of all of us. Living on a ranch, he went with us everywhere and kept the yard free of dangers. He killed more than one snake that ventured into our yard, and I’m talking bull snakes and rattlers. He was also my mom’s favorite means of getting us out of bed in the morning. Mom’s “Git ‘em” was always accompanied by whoever at the time ducking completely under the covers, squealing and calling his name. He’d of course be dancing all over us trying to stick his cold nose under the covers. There was no further sleeping after that kind of a wake up.

 One day, my dad let me bring home a female black collie from the auction house, and of course one thing led to another and there was a litter of puppies. She was also a horribly bad influence on Chris and they got into a lot of trouble around the countryside. Eventually they just didn’t come home. Yeah well, you know what that means, but I won’t go there.

 We found homes for all the puppies but decided to keep one that looked to be taking after his father. We named him Jackson. In the end, he grew to be nearly twice the size of his dad with his mother’s lack of brains. He was a very lovable dog, but not too smart, and he could never be persuaded to do the bed thing. Then one day while I was off to college (my first year I think) my mom called to tell me that Jackson had been run over. Seems he fell asleep under the truck and my brother didn’t know. He was devastated.

 Back to my visit: there was this collie dog standing in the open door to my room and I was certain it was one of these two dogs, but which one? I had to guess. He was waiting for the invitation, his tail wagging hesitantly, seemingly hoping I’d remember him. But which one? I just chose one. I don’t remember why I chose Chris. Maybe because he was the dog I knew best. I even wonder if I’d chosen Jackson, that would have been okay too. At any rate, as soon as I said “Chris” in my mind, the dog perked up and leapt forward to jump up on my bed, walking all over me and shoving his cold nose on my neck and face – remember, I couldn’t dive under the covers, but I thought of it. Maybe that was enough for this gleeful greeting. And then he was gone. He’d found me, greeted me with his customary good morning wakeup and was done. I haven’t had another visit since, though it’s a very vivid memory.

 After he was gone, I sat up and looked around. My door was still closed. There was no sign that anything paranormal had occurred. Needless to say, there was also no further desire to sleep – I was awake now.

This story is a curious one. How did Chris find her? What was the purpose? Perhaps Anna will never know. Paranormal experiences can happen to anyone and not just to humans. I will leave you to think about it.

Do you have any questions? Leave a Comment? I would love to hear from you. 

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