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The Knife Attacks – A real ghost story by Gary Owain Jones

Gary Own picWelcome to the second installment of The Paranormal – real ghost stories from great individuals.

Today, we have an experience from Gary Owain Jones, who comes from a long retail background.  He lives in Wales and concentrates on two of his passions: Writing his first novel and Programming, and hopes to have his first website up and running in the coming weeks.

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Now, let’s read his story…


At the age of 17, I was the youngest manager at the C.R.S Grocery Division, managing their small grocery store in Conwy. Everything was fine until one dinner time my girlfriend visited me and we ended up being naughty in the toilets at the back of the store, near the back door.

Soon after that day, every time I went from from the storeroom on my way to the office at the back, I would shiver when reaching the back door. Well, more than shiver. It felt like every hair on my body was standing up. It was high summer but these shudders were starting to spook me. I insulated the door to stop any droughts even though I knew there wasn’t any. The shudders and hair raising still continued every time I passed that spot.

Days passed and things just got weirder and weirder; old boning knives that I used to cut the ropes on cages started appearing in places I didn’t remember leaving them, and a repair I had made on the wooden floor by nailing down a large tin can so that I could get the cages over it, would magically be ripped up every morning when I opened the shop.

Then one day I decided to stay behind after closing the shop, to put stock away. I felt air whizzing past my face. I looked up and saw one of the knives vibrating in a case of baked beans just above my head. Knowing I was supposedly alone in a locked up shop, I rushed to where the I thought the knife may have been thrown from but no one was around. This happened more and more and I began to hold onto the knives or lock them away in a safe when I was not using them. I was really spooked but who could I mention it to? No one would believe me, thinking the pressure of managing a shop at such a young age had got to me. I stayed quite.

One of my staff resigned and the C.R.S decided not to replace her. I found I had to go to work earlier each day before the shop opened to do her work before opening time. The walk-in fridge where we stored the cheeses and sides of bacon was in the cellar, and after fixing the tin can back onto the floor like I did everyday, I ventured down the cellar to bone some bacon ready for the day ahead.

The walk-in fridge was faulty – the emergency door release wouldn’t open the door if the door closed. I was waiting for the repair man to fix it but in the meantime had gotten into the habit of using 20kg blocks of cheese to stop the door closing when inside.

On that day just after I had rehung a side of bacon, I turned just in time to see the door swinging closed. Luckily, I managed to slam myself against it before it shut and imprisoned me inside – not a nice thought since I wouldn’t have been discovered for many hours since I had the main keys to the shop!

I stumbled out of the fridge and found to my horror, the big blocks of cheeses had been flung across the room. I hurriedly went upstairs to get away from whatever was in the shop with me; the tin can I had just fixed was in pieces on the floor.  I stopped to examine it. As I knelt to see better, one of the boning knives I had failed to take with me in my hurry embedded itself in the wall beside me. That was it, I couldn’t stay in that shop a minute longer on my own. I went and stood by the front door waiting for my staff to arrive.  When they did, I phoned for a relief manager to come and replace me. The guy they sent was an old manager and as we went to the office, we both noticed that we both shuddered at the same spot.

He turned to me and said “An old lady died at the back door next to the toilets when it was her home. They didn’t find her for weeks!”


Me: Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. It the lady protecting her house? Is it her trying to stop people taking over her home? 

Gary: I honestly believe the ghost of the old lady wanted me out of that shop. I never saw her and I have never seen a  ghost, but I still get the spine tingling and hair raising moments on many occasions.

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