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Here is the next in my Author Profiling posts!

Please welcome Malika Gandhi !

I hope you all enjoy this new author!


Author: Malika Gandhi

Genre:Paranormal Romance

A mansion (Haveli). A sealed door. A spirit.

And a secret.

A secret only the spirit knows – and only nineteen-year-old Arianna can set free. 
Arianna and her family travel to India from London, for a splendid wedding. Excitement soon turns secondary when strange happenings transpire within the Haveli walls. Hitherto, a sealed door opens and Arianna is given Anjali’s diary.

And so begins a paranormal experience that leaves her stunned. Arianna wants answers. Who is Anjali? Why did the door unseal for her? Is there something the spirit wants to show her?


Release Date:15th March 2013
Where to buy:
Reviews: None at the moment, as just…

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  1. I’ve just start reading it. It’s so wonderful and for me an opportunity to know a culture so amazing. Thank you Malika, you’re great!!

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