Welcome to my next blog piece on the Paranormal. My next experience comes from  Joanne C. Laplante,  originally from Sudbury, Ont., Canada, now residing in Brockville, Ont. Canada. She tells us of her frequent premonitions which is very Joanneinteresting…


First premonition

In the autumn of 1970. I was in bed when I had a sad dream about my late grandmother Longchamps. I saw her doctor tell her she had breast cancer. I was shocked. I woke up and walked down the hall and into the kitchen. That is when I was living on Morris Street and didn’t understand what my dream was telling me at that time. I sat down at the table when I told my mom that her mom will be going to see her doctor. I told my mom that her mom has breast cancer. My mom said, “Peanut hashed. She doesn’t have breast cancer.” But I know in secret she had it.

Meanwhile Grandmother Longchamps stopped by at our apartment. We lived there until 1971 of the year my nana died. My mom sends me out of the room so I can show my grandmother the newest doll that I got from my dad which I did. I came back from the bedroom and could hear over the conversation between my mom and her mom. My grandmother said, “Deanna, don’t say anything to your dad about our conversation.” My mom nodded her head in agreement.

A few days later, the doctor told my grandmother there was nothing wrong with her. She was okay. She felt relief.  A month later, she turned fifty-six and she felt a lump on her breasts. The doctors examined her once again but this time the news wasn’t good. They wanted her to come to the hospital to have both breasts removed. She did but she also went for cancer treatment.  Within two months of being diagnosed, she died on Feb. 14, 1971.

 Second Premonition

I used to play bingo with my friend Eileen Gingras. Now she is no longer with us. A few months before she died, I had two premonitions. One of her death and the other of winning a lot of money.

Three months before Eileen died…

I was still in bed when my mom tried to wake me up without any success. I was telling my mom that I was dreaming about something. Every ten minutes she would walk into the bedroom and try to wake me up; again my answer was the same. I woke up at noon at last. I walked into the kitchen to ask my mom if we were still planning to go bingo and the answer was yes but she asked me why. I told her about the weird dream of winning a lot of money.

She said, “Peanut, we always say that we are going to win but we don’t.”

I said, “Mom this time I am sure we are going to win it. The number is 48 on the 48 ball and 48 cards. Remember this.”

My mom made a quick call to Eileen. Eileen said, “Deanna, get our table and we’ll be there before the first bingo starts.”

We got there early so we went to get our cards and the early bird special. Our friend shows up before the first bingo started. There was another friend was also showed up so I sat with her because I didn’t like the smoke. I was telling about the dream that I had that morning. She couldn’t believe it but she will believe it when she sees it.

We were going on the Lightening round. I had the first four numbers quickly and my fifth number came in. I shouted. I won $100. The next round I needed one more for two lines and got that bingo. I needed one more for the full card and got that too. Afterwards we went on to play the regular games and I bought some more of the super jackpot. Like my dream I won $1000 in 50 numbers or less. Eileen drove us back to my parents’ house that night. Eileen and my mom spoke for awhile. Eileen is going to her camp on the island for the weekend. She won’t be back until Sunday night. My mom said, “We will talk later in the week.”

That night I had the disturbing dream about Eileen. I wanted to warn her but my mom said it was too late but I will see her next week.

I said, “We won’t see her next week because she will drown and also her step-grandchild will drown too.”

The next morning my parents took off for the day for fishing at my aunt’s camp. They let me stay behind so I could sleep in. I didn’t sleep too well. My brother had to go to work at the grocery store. My parents left me with chores and I also had to meet a friend at the mall. I woke up at 11. I did my chores and then went to meet my friend before 12.

I was with my friend for a few hours. We had lunch outside at our favourite restaurant. Later we walked past a jewellery shop and I saw the time. I had to head back because my parents will be home soon from the day of fishing. My friend’s father drove me home. I got in the house and started to make dinner. My brother came in the house to change his clothes and said he won’t be eating with us. I had made chicken with potato wedges and salad. For dessert, I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I cleaned up my mess in the kitchen. Whilst I was doing that, I looked out of the window and noticed  a flock of black birds. I say something to myself that someone has died. I put the radio on and they mention the police had to pull a truck out from the cold lake on the island. It was Eileen’s truck. There were two people in the truck who drowned. One person was an older lady and the other was a young toddler. They can’t release the names of these people without reaching the next kin.

On Monday morning the sound of the phone startled me because I was still in bed and the time was 10:10am. Alice Shank was a good friend to my mom and Eileen. Alice was asking us if we heard the news over the weekend. My mom said she went fishing with my dad on the weekend. Alice told my mom it was Eileen – she was killed in that weird accident over the weekend and had her step-grandchild with her. My mom had a stunned look on her face and couldn’t believe it at first. My mom went to Eileen’s funeral and after that we went to play bingo.

Over the years my mother figured something out on her own. That is Eileen was dying. Eileen was a heavy smoker and probably had lung cancer. Eileen probably had taken her own life. She was a lovely lady.

Third premonition

One day my parents were out to do some banking in the New Sudbury. It was around two in the afternoon when my mom’s sister wanted to talk to my mom about her husband. This aunt lived in Ottawa. On that day her husband went to the doctor with his wife, my aunt. He wanted a  check up as he hadn’t been feeling too good for the last few months. Just then the doctor asked my aunt to come in his office so he could talk with her and her husband. She found out he had been diagnosed with leukemia. My aunt was in tears.

That afternoon she phoned us to tell us the bad news.  It sounded like she was crying. I told her that I will let my mom know and to call her.

My aunt said, “Tell her to phone me as soon as she gets in the house.”

About an hour later my mom came in the house. I went over to her and told her about the phone call. I told her I had an awful feeling and felt she was crying.  My mom immediately called her and was in tears after the call ended. She told my dad and I about my uncle.

1995, two events will be on my mind forever. The first event  was a bomb blast in Ok in the early morning. My brother was in school and dad was at work. A day before my mom had to go to Ottawa because her brother-in-law was in a coma, not knowing it was to almost to be his last few days on Earth. That Monday night, I ordered a pizza when my mom phoned us to tell us that uncle just passed away.

She wanted to talk to my dad but he was working overtime. I told her I will tell dad about it. Two or three hours later he came in the house. I told my dad that my uncle died at 7.

He said, “Let’s gets our suitcases out” and we headed out for Ottawa in the morning. My brother came in the house and saw us getting our suitcases out. He knew immediately and we didn’t have to say nothing to him about it.


Thank you Joanne for this wonderful insight. I find this kind of paranormal experiences fascinating and believe in it greatly.

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