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What I got from Interaction, Interaction and Interaction!

2013-06-08 16.29.27I was fortunate to be invited to attend a Literary conference in London and I am so glad that I did! A place for writers, authors, editors and many other great people linked to the literary world, whether it is designing, reading, translation, publicity or another field entirely.

Conferences at the TLC (The Literary Consultancy) are worth attending. I learnt so much and connected with great minds.

One of the lessons I learnt was to take care and time with your WIP (work in progress), think Quality and not Quantity. Our work is close to us so why not make it the best we can?

One subject that touched my heart was ‘Design’ which speaker Joanna Ellis took up in her talk. All authors should ensure that not only the front cover, but also the text inside the book should be the best. A reader wants a good reading experience so it is not a bad idea to design the interior to an eye pleasing effect. Think of font and in Joanna’s words “don’t make the interior look like a word doc”.

The conference offered a lot of advice on the Do’s and Don’t’s of self-publishing and I picked up a few new ideas that I 2013-06-08 16.10.47thought I never would, having “heard and done” it all before. Well, I was surprised to learn of new methods making my WIP and published works more appealing to the reading community.

A fantastic conference, lively and welcoming, TLC is a ‘must’ platform for the publishing and creative reading and writing sectors.

The speakers that grabbed my attention:

Joanna Ellis, Associate Director of the Literary Platform – @JoannaE

Preena Gadher, Publicist from the Arts Agency Riot Communication – @MS_Riot

Barbara Thiele – Chief Product Officer at epubli – Publishing platform in Germany – @epubli




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