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Today, I welcome a great author on my blog – Georgina Ramsey, who writes witty stories, to leave you laughing! But let’s hear from her!


I could never have imagined that one day I would be writing comedy fiction. I love a good laugh, and shamefully SLCBP! final cover (1)have both the maturity level and appreciation of smut that is probably equivalent to that of a fourteen year old boy, but I always imagined that when I tiptoed into the land where writers grow, I would tell tales of suspense and gore; you see it matched my day job so much better.

But, it never worked like that. I, somehow or other, found that when I put finger to key, the words that tapped away without any realisation on my part, were, some would say, rather droll. It turned out that I felt most comfortable writing humour, but then with a touch of self-analysis it was probably no real surprise, seen as I have spent most of my life drowning in a sea of sarcasm, thanks to my older brother, Bubs.  I also found that I liked romance more than I had ever dared let on. I had always found it a touch sloppy and terribly slushy and…oh just get a room! But, now I had a whole new appreciation for it, because I found that I enjoyed writing about the realities of love and relationships.

It’s not all hearts and flowers; for some it’s more pulmonary embolism and weeds! But, however we come together with our soul mates, I love the fact that people do just that; they come together, eventually, and it’s the stumbles and trips that they take, before they get there, that absolutely fascinates me. I think, or at least I would like to think, that’s what most of my writing portrays and it makes me smile. Turns out, I am slushy after all.

I know that in comparison to the many established authors out there, I am a novice and have much to learn, but I am keen to do just that; I want to develop my skills simply because I enjoy it. I’ve been writing since my teens and, as cliché as it sounds, it has always been a dream of mine to be able to publish; a dream that I thought would never come to fruition.

However, the new age of indie publishing has allowed this dream to become a reality; it gives authors such freedom and control, and I don’t see how it can be beaten. It is hard, really hard, to run a day job alongside an indie career, but if you put in the hours and are prepared to work your behind off, then it is possible.

‘Sex, Lies & Corned Beef Pies!’ is my first novel, and was actually born out of the NaNo 2013 competition. I never thought I would ‘win,’ but when those words flashed up on the computer screen late one night, I actually struggled to contain my emotions – although the bar of chocolate I consumed in celebration helped! I have had several novellas published prior to this, and they helped me find the genre, with which I felt the most affinity with, and they also gave me the confidence to experiment with different styles, but I wanted to write a novel so badly, yet I kept dragging my feet over it. I think I was too scared to make a start on one, but NaNo gave me the push I needed.

So, ‘Sex, Lies & Corned Beef Pies!’ may well at times have been a very painful labour, but it is my baby and I love it very much. I seem to have developed a terrible habit of falling in love with my characters and wanting to nurture them; I felt like this about Mae, the lead – she needs guidance and someone to wrap their arms around her and give her a big, squidgy hug. 

If you’re interested in the novel, it’s about a desperate, penniless student, called Mae Ophelia  Ball, who, in a moment of madness, is prepared to do anything – well, almost anything – for a bit of extra cash! She puts her moral conscience to one side, when she takes advice from the glamorous Lottie, and sets herself up as a phone sex operator, in order to earn a few extra quid. However, the glamour of a job in the sex industry soon wears off, and one of her callers, an elderly man called Bert, comes to her rescue. She soon learns that money isn’t everything, but has this lesson come a little too late?

You can download ‘Sex, Lies & Corned Beef Pies!’ on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble now. For Amazon, follow the link below:



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