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Witch Crystal

Witch Crystal – Book 1 of the Witches of Zrotaz trilogy.


added sharpness

The Witch Crystal was silent, hidden from the clutches of the High Witch, somewhere, where she couldn’t find him. The time has now arrived to show what it can do…

Witch Crystal, a fantasy story of a young girl, Book 1 of The Witches of Zrotaz trilogy, follows Larissa, and the discovery of something she never imagined. Her life was as normal as could be, for a low-key witch. She had a best friend, a great mother, and she liked the new boy in town. Her mother owned a florist, and she went to a normal school.

Strange things began to occur, and Larissa’s normal life was not so normal anymore. Her friends, her life, were not what she thought they were, or who Jake was. An abduction of her best friend brings the unknown to the forefront, and Larissa is faced with the task of finding the Earth Spirits, and to repair the Aurora Borealis. Will Larissa be brave? Will she be able to accomplish her task, to adhere to the prophecy?

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