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Indian Summers – new Channel 4 period drama

julieI am really looking forward to this new drama – INDIAN SUMMERS, set in India depicting the period of pre- Indian Independence, starring Julie Walters. A subject close to my heart, it will be fascinating and educational in many ways.

My experience in this part of Indian history did not come from my ancestors, neither from my marriage name, Gandhi. But I am proud to have such a famous and respected surname. Mahatma Gandhi was a noble man who only wanted justice for his country, India. He didn’t want violence but love among his fellow friends, brothers and sisters. When I talk about brothers and sisters, I mean the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian communities. Only the fight didn’t go as he had planned.

There are many dramas and films made on the subject of a Free India, and I believe many are focused on the political side of the fight. I am hoping Indian Summers is different, and will show the humane or personal side of affairs on both sides: the Indian brown families and the British white families.


by Malika Gandhi (author of Freedom of the Monsoon)


Personal struggle is the play in five people’s lives. From a village in 1947 India, five individuals struggle against the Quit India movement. Each has their own story to tell.

Rakesh, a brave freedom fighter, determined to make India a better place faces execution by the hands of the British Raj.

Pooja, a girl whose life is altered after a rape attack, marries into an abusive arranged marriage to an older man with children of his own. Plunged into despair, she fights back for a better life. Dev, a troubled young man is disturbed by the decision his brother Rakesh took. Little was he aware the impact it would have on his future. Amit fell in love with the wrong woman, a white Memsahib – but she has secrets, something that would take everything away from him. Sunil, a man in love is forced to grow up when his close ones are faced with their struggles. Can he help them? Will he understand why it is happening?Five lives, five stories. Death and sacrifice is knocking on India’s doors. The British Raj has to go; the Indians must have their country back. Re-live the determination that dwelled in the hearts of the natives as they fought hard and long. Follow the five individuals as they faced fear, love, sacrifice and anger.

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