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Tasfa sach’i (Hope Giving)

Dede 1Leicester Market was hustling and bustling as usual, but today I was there for a different reason: to deliver my book Witch Crystal to a lovely friend of mine – Dede.

It was the first time I visited her stall – oh yes, she has a stall, did I mention that?

It was colourful, and really about her roots. Dede sells unique items for a charity, which she will explain more in her own words a short while later. I was very moved by her dedication, that I asked if she would mind if I blogged about her work, and she was very happy to go ahead with it all. Thank you Dede!

  1. Tell me about your stall, what is it about?

Our aim with this stall is a way to raise money because we are a small charity “Tasfa sach’i” means in Amharic “hope giving.”

  1. What do you sell on your stall?

Dede 2We sell some Ethiopian goods ( clothes, scarves , books, bracelets, necklaces, t shirts, pins, natural incenses etc).

  1. What is your best seller?

The best sellers are mainly the Moringa and the incense ( frank and yebahar)Dede 4

  1. Tell me about The Tree of Life – the Moringa.

The Moringa is dry leaf powder, a prevention again 300 diseases blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, bowel movement, skin diseases, weight loss. A source of calcium 4 times more than milk, potassium more than banana, iron, and zinc.

  1. How can it benefit people?

At this time we are building in Shashemane (Ethiopia) a cultural centre to take care of the needy.

We are working with a nurse who will check and give advice about health to the elders, children and mothers.

With a science teacher, we are looking at leading educational courses and games to develop the knowledge of children and help them with their homework. Other ideas are martial courses and nutrition.

Ethiopia is the third country of the world with a high rate of HIV people, so all this will be free. After, if God help us, we want to take care of orphans, give them food, clothes, shelter, and the opportunity to go to school.

  1. Do you have a website/Facebook page?Dede 3

We have a website http://www.  and

Thank you so much Dede, it was fab chatting to you!

If you would like more information on the work of Dede is doing, please get in touch with me at:


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