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Book Review – Dead Medium by Peter John

Dead MediumHere is my review of Dead Medium, by Peter John.

The story begins with May Trump, who is an unsociable human being. Her only friend is Margaret. After Margaret’s last visit, May dies from eating a cake, which went down the wrong pipe! Unfortunate? No.
On discovering she is a ghost, she meets Penny who is another ghost and died just a few days earlier. May is also reunited with her lovely cat, who also is a ghost – Mr. Kibbles. Along the way, we meet more ghosts who have troubles of their own, and we also meet Margaret’s group of friends, one who claims she can contact the dead.

It all gets interesting, when May discovers she is able to talk to the living, even though she can’t be seen. As far as other ghosts are aware, no one in their realm can do this, and so literally flock to May for a chance to use her skills to talk to their living families. The group of ladies with the help of May, perform seances for the living and dead alike. The catalyst for this is to bring in money to pay for Chloe’s education and keep the family home. Who is Chloe? She is the daughter of Penny, the ghost, and that is how the story really begins.

The story is hilarious and foreboding, but mostly hilarious! It is also interesting for the likes of us who wonder what is beyond death. The ending of the story was a complete, and yet, pleasing surprise, and I recommend this to you if you like light reads, with some tension built in!


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