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A Review – Magic Molly, Halloween Hattie by Trevor Forest

My Review of Magic Molly, Halloween Hattie

Magic Molly 1I read Halloween Hattie in two days, and that just tells you how much I enjoyed it! I am a fan of all of Trevor Forest’s Magic Molly books, and this one didn’t disappoint.

The story is about Molly Miggins (however, her grandmother, Granny Whitewand prefers to call her Milly!). Molly is to solve the mystery of Halloween Hattie. Why does she appear every year on Halloween, swinging on a swing? Why won’t she talk to anyone?

One member from the coven of witches (which Granny Whitewand and Molly are members of) visits the graveyard where Halloween Hattie appears every year, and each time, they fail to solve the mystery of this teenage witch who doesn’t speak or even acknowledge them.

This year, Molly becomes a qualified witch; therefore, Granny Whitewand decides to send her to investigate this great mystery!

Molly takes on the challenge, and sets off to the graveyard with a packed lunch and a flask of tomato soup. (Note: this task can only be completed during night-time). Once she reaches the graveyard, she meets three individuals – Barty – a ghost who can’t scare but is easily scared, Bony Bob –  a skeleton who is in search for his dead mother’s bone, and Count Docula – a vampire doctor who doesn’t like to drink blood as it would make him fat!

The three characters help Molly in investigating the problem of Halloween Hattie, and come across an evil witch! However, I can’t reveal the purpose of this witch, you will have to read the book to find out what is so evil about her!

My favourite character apart from Molly of course, is Count Docula. He has a kind nature and is quite funny in places. Next is Bony Bob, and Barty, the ghost. Each one has their own characteristic value, and add to the story.

We don’t see much of Molly’s family in this book, and a lot of the story is focussed on the graveyard, a crypt, and a creepy house!

Halloween Hattie is an entertaining story, and definitely a page-turner. Do go and read the excellent book – available on Amazon!


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