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A REVIEW: LADY OF ASOLO by Siobhan Daiko

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How would you feel if you re-lived the past? How would you feel if you suffered what the spirit suffered?  And how would you feel if it happened 500 years in the past? This is what happened to Fern, a London girl who came on holiday to her aunt’s in Italy.

Lady of Asolo is a fabulous account of Cecilia’s life in the 1500s. We go into the past and re-live her life via Fern, whether it is in a dream or in reality.  We see terrible things as we follow the maid in Fern’s footsteps and through Fern’s eyes.  We revel in the richness of Cecilia’s clothing, and the wealth of her domain. When Cecilia finds a lover who is a painter, Fern is confused. Is Fern in love with the painter, her real time friend, Luca, or her deceased boyfriend? As Fern comes and goes in the spirit’s life, she begins to face her own demons of a terrible past, which involves a fire, and a baby, much like Cecilia’s past. Lady of Asolo is rich in description of the cities of Italy and their old architectural buildings and streets.

I was able to smell the aromatic city, taste the food, and taste the wine. I was able to walk on the cobbled roads, and feel exhilaration whilst sitting on a gondola. Siobhan Daiko uses words that is poetic and that entices you into Cecilia’s and Fern’s world. I am a big fan of art and culture and Siobhan Daiko has fulfilled my reading experience further. Cecelia loves to paint and learns painting techniques from her lover. Fern also loves to paint and sketch, and we see her doing so in various ‘scenes’ of the book. Books play a subtle part in the story; we see this in Fern’s aunt’s life where she is a successful author. We see Luca and his mother read from old books on historical facts about Italy and her battles.

A part of the story is heavily detailed in the politics of the country where I admit I got lost. For some readers, it may prove to be a great addition to the plot; it surely adds to the drama and passion! For readers who love history, romance, and the paranormal, this book is for you! Available on Amazon.

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