Indian History

Movies are my inspiration

I went to see a movie last night night, not knowing how inspired I would be. The film was Piku,  a bollywood delight to the eyes and refreshing. It was about a seventy-year-old father and a daughter in her thirties (unmarried as was her father’s selfish wish), there was a lot of conflict and the dialogue revolved mostly around constipation. But, this was done tastefully. Although it was funny, there were some moments where it was quite hard – hitting, and I felt it.

Anyway, this is not a film review but a short piece of why the film inspired me, and how it inspired me. It is quite simple, it was the storyline. There were no masala bollywood dances or songs, just an account of family life in India between a father and daughter. Simply shown and so beautiful.  I wasn’t looking for an idea for my next book, but the inspiration hit me so much that it still hasn’t left me.

I have decided to write a contemporary romance set in England, between an English man and an Indian girl. I will be incorporating the same simplicity that I felt from Piku. Look out for further posts from me in this new venture. Did I mention the book would be called Road Trip?



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