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This is a short blog

Hi guys!

It’s been a long while since I have blogged, but today I need you to help and hopefully support me. I like to get to know you on a personal level, and I would like you to know more about me too, therefore I am asking for you to sign up to my new subscribing list.

I will  NOT SPAM you. I will send you articles that you would like to read, I will tell you about my writing and what I am doing, I will tell you of upcoming new releases. I will also send FREE ENTRY competitions and Giveaways!

All I need you to do is support me by becoming a subscriber! Okay, so what will you get in return?

If you are reader, you will get a free Ebook from me just for subscribing. You can choose from my two titles: Freedom of the Monsoon, and Where the Secret Lies.

If you are a writer, I will offer you a chance to promote your work HERE for FREE plus you will receive a free EBOOK.

So please, some along and sign up below. Just click on the link below!

Thank you!



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