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Call me Lucky by Caroline Bell Foster (A book review)

51bPQw2B79L._SX335_BO1,204,203,200_This is a heartfelt story of a girl called Fliss. She works in a call centre and swears a lot, but she has good friends who look out for her.

However, Fliss has a secret that she never tells her friends, and she tries to fight her demons by herself until she meets a childhood friend, Teddy, in a London bar. Teddy knows everything about her and Fliss hates it. Although, she is involuntarily drawn to him, she tries to stop him coming anymore close to her than she liked. However, Teddy won’t take no for an answer.

Without giving too much away, Fliss comes into money and lots of it. She quits her call-centre job and decides to go travelling and it does her good. The story is truly engaging and a must read, with a lovely ending.

I enjoyed this page-turner and I recommend you go and get this book now.


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