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Carpet Diem by Justin Lee Anderson (A book review)

I loved this quirky story about how a rug is the last link to save Earth or let it be doomed. Yes, you heard right. How is a rug responsible for the fate of our planet? The answer is in fact a simple one which I won’t reveal, for obvious purposes of course!

CMYm00DWEAAatHGThe characters Justin Lee Anderson conjured up are hilarious, some are gorgeous and attractive, and some are just downright hideous! In particularly, the witches. However, more about the characters later.

You see, we are kept guessing throughout the novel what is going to happen, and I can tell you, I was surprised each time the story turned a corner. In this book,  the characters take lead of the tale, and the author plays along.

Justin Lee Anderson’s writing shone as even though he wrote in many viewpoints, it didn’t obstruct the storytelling, and so it flowed quite well. So now to the characters. The ones you must keep a look out for are Simon (the lead), Harriet (Simon’s great aunt), Faunt (a person who turns into a deer for a number of hours a day) and Cherry (she is really nice).  I also like Priest, a clever character and a very powerful one too. He is an exception! To what? Well, you will need to find out yourself!

But what’s the story about, I hear you ask. Well, the story is about a rug that is the catalyst of everything to come from romance scenes to thrilling scenes of murder; (the story can be dark in some places!). The story also has demons, angels, and witches! Remember, I mentioned witches? They are not at all how they look, and not how we have seen them in movies either.

Go now and download this book. I am sure you will love it as I did! This is from a reader who couldn’t put the book down and was reading until the small hours of the morning – I finished reading at 4.30am!


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