Indian History

Veronica Courtesan by Siobhan Daiko (A review)

VeronicaThis book is quite different than the author’s previous novels, but we can get a welcome whiff of her writing and we can feel the familiar glow of her historic scribbles.

Veronica is a courtesan and a very much sought after one, by the local and wealthy men of the town who like nothing more than good time with the leading courtesan. She will do anything and everything for her ‘lovers’ and one even includes a woman.

We see Veronica from a frail, frightened wife of a man of the Church who resembles a father than a husband in terms of age. He treats her badly which concludes in leaving him for good, to take on another life where she will be admired and cherished.  The story carries a lot of eroticism that is vivid and colourful, and nothing is left to the imagination!

The story is simple with political fanfare put in for good measure, but the focus always stays on Veronica.  I must say I grew fond of the girl who turned into a highly skilled and loveable woman who also rejoiced in the luxury of poetry and musical culture.

A great story to get stuck into.


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