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Diwali – what it means to me

IMG_20151019_161435Diwali is a day of joy and lots of eating, not to mention visiting Gods at the temple. We celebrate with friends and family on this auspicious day and rejoice in food and laughter. It is also a day of celebration when Ram and Sita came back from 14 years of Exile and thousands of diyas were lit.

Diwali for me is about happiness. I remember myself and my sisters dressing up in colourful indian dresses whilst my mum donned on a beautiful sari. We would light diyas at home and bow to the Gods. Then, we would visit the temple which was a long bus ride away. The evening was about getting together with our family and enjoying food.

I have mentioned food quite a few times already in this post, and that is because it is an important part of the festival! Oh yes! On a note to that, just this morning I was talking to my wattsapp group and nearly everyone mentioned ‘food’ whilst wishing everyone Happy Diwali. It is that important!

Wherever you are, I wish you a happy diwali and a happy new year!

diwali 1



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