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Rose Blood – Curse of the Vial by Georgina Ramsey

51J4KSQ9eWL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_Today, I want to bring to you of a review of a great book I just read, called Rose Blood by Georgina Ramsey. Here it is!

Rose Blood, Curse of the Vial

This is a story about a vampire named Rose Blood, who was turned from a mortal to an immortal at a very young age. It is also the story of John Blood, her custodian.

Rose Blood is a very engaging story about the beginnings of a mortal turned into an immortal. There are vampires who are monsters, who want to take Rose’s existence from her, and then there are angels in the form of vampires who want to protect the people of Earth from them, and keep Rose safe. Who will win?

I loved the way Georgina Ramsey set the setting straight away in the book. I felt I was in the era of the late nineteenth century. Part of the story is set in the 1800s and revelled ‘being’ in that time. Georgina Ramsey mentions workhouses, and we get a glimpse of what the conditions poor people were forced to work in. Working in a workhouse was the only option for people with little or no money, and that was where Rose Blood was with her mother. Only one day when she sneaked out to see her grandfather, things changed.

We see Rose Blood in the modern day world and during a historical period. This is very important to the story telling, especially when showing the life of a vampire, which Georgina Ramsey has perfected to a T.

One of the other characters in the story is John Blood, who turned Rose into a vampire. He is like a father to her, and he will do anything to make sure she is safe from vampires that like to kill for fun, or to eat.  The reader likes to know the history of vampires, and Georgina Ramsey has touched on subjects that makes us think, one in particular, who was the first vampire?

I thoroughly recommend this book, and I urge you to go and read it!

Rose Blood – Click here to purchase!













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