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Book Review – The American and The Brit: Unsolicited Advice

I absolutely lUpdated-The-American-and-the-Brit-ebook-full-21oved this book! It had humour, more humour, and stupidity that only the American and Brit could pull off even if they weren’t meant to!

Meet Phoebe and Lizbeth, two girls just like one another, but both from different ends of the pond. Phoebe is an American, and Lizbeth is a Brit. Meeting in a British pub by chance, they hit it off. They became the best of friends and Lizbeth decided to move to America on a work visa and was about to begin a new job at Phoebe’s workplace, when Phoebe managed to screw up!

Luck was on their side, when the girls landed another job quite by accident. They became agony aunts, giving advice to people on the net. Actually, I wouldn’t call it “advice” but more of a telling, just as it is! There is no tiptoeing here, oh no!

Thrown in with the two girls, are a bunch of other characters that are gorgeous, hilarious, and surprising. One character that stuck to my mind, was Hairy Mary. Yep – she is something! So, the girls get up to all sorts in their small world which literally becomes very big overnight. You will laugh with them and laugh at them!

The American and the Brit: Unsolicited Advice is told in the viewpoint of Lizbeth and Phoebe, and I have to tell you, it’s great!

Go and get your copy now! The American and the Brit: Unsolicited Advice




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