Indian History

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Hi all,

This is a very brief blog post. It is really to bring to your attention, that three of my titles are free today to download. Here are the links! Thank you!

Freedom of tFREEDOM OF THE MONSOONhe Monsoon:

When India’s freedom was challenged…was when Pooja’s freedom and life tumbled around her.

Drama. A gripping history of India, and the torment of the people who lived, and died for the sake of the nation’s future.

USA: Freedom of the Monsoon

UK: Freedom of the Monsoon

INDIA: Freedom of the Monsoon


Where the Secret Lies

When a girl from the present meets a ghost from the past.

A paranormal romance, set in India and England, the past and present.

Secrets cover 2USA: Where the Secret Lies

UK:  Where the Secret Lies

India: Where the Secret Lies





Lost in the Haveli 2Lost in the Haveli

A paranormal romance, set in a time when a girl was trapped in her own home, and questioned her existence and her morals for over a hundred years, until someone arrived…

USA: Lost in the Haveli

UK: Lost in the Haveli

India: Lost in the Haveli

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