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Finding a husband who you want to marry, and are not forced to marry is something every girl dreams of.

That’s what happened with Anjali, only she didn’t expect to be the second wife!
Nineteen-year-old Arianna and her family travel from London to India for a lavish wedding. Excitement turns to bewilderment and then curiosity when strange things start happening within the Haveli walls. A sealed door opens and Arianna is given Anjali’s diary, which recounts a romantic adventure that began during the bloody turmoil of partition in 1948.

So begins a paranormal experience that leaves Arianna stunned and demanding answers. Who is Anjali? Why did the door unseal for her? Is there something the spirit wants to show her? What could it possibly be?


Strong-headed village girl, Pooja makes decisions resulting in a terrifying sexual attack that leaves her devastated, and changes her relationship with lover, Dev, forever.

Set to marry Pooja, Dev feared the execution of his brother, Rakesh, resulting in him moving away. On arrival home, he finds his love gone and his life changed drastically.

Sunil, the youngest of the five companions, is in love with his future wife and with life itself. When the police take away his future father-in-law, his joy vanishes and he battles the inner monster he can no longer contain.

Finally, Amit; a simple boy who takes life in his stride; helps his friends to untangle their lives and rise again. He’s the friend and brother they all need.

Will the ashes of the martyrs bring hope to India?

Lost in the Haveli 2

Available on Amazon! LOST IN THE HAVELI: Tale of a trapped soul


She wandered the quiet haveli at night. She watched the villagers.
She was not afraid. A century had passed. Still, she was bereft of answers.

She didn’t do it, it wasn’t her fault. Then, why was she still feeling guilty?



17 Comments Add yours

  1. Dharmika says:

    I’ve started reading the book and it’s really intreged me to read more. The book is very descriptive so u can make out the scene in your head.. More to read so will update u more on it later! :D

  2. dhara says:

    Got my copy of Freedom of the Monsoon – can’t wait to get stuck in over easter!! Already excited and I’ve only read the blurb ;)…..keep them coming malika! :)

    1. That’s so cool Dhara!

  3. Very impressive sweep of history and characters, I learned a lot about Indian history and culture. What an epic!

    1. Thank you Jude.x

  4. ratankaul says:

    Malika, My heartiest congrats to you for this superb addition to the novels on British raj. I’ve just started reading the book and I find it to be an excellent portrayal of the fiery revolution–the Quit India Movement–that is considered to be a precursor to the freedom of India in 1947. Bravo!

  5. Vikram Joshi says:

    I intend to read this book, Malika. A very interesting backdrop.

    1. lynchcliffe says:

      It was a wonderful book. I loved it.

  6. herminestrand says:

    I’m definitely reading the book! You have a beautiful website. It really gives people a feel for the kind of person you want to be. If you’re Buddhist I know another Buddhist author you’d probably enjoy getting in touch with. Regards.

    1. I am a Jain – Jainism, which is close to Bhuddists I think. :0) would be glad to meet him/her.

  7. lynchcliffe says:

    Hi Malika. I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award. Look at

  8. randomramsey says:

    Greetings from “Writer’s Tools!”
    Beautiful book covers. I’m looking forward to visiting your site and learning more about your books!

  9. Thank you

  10. Hi Malika, Looking forward to reading your book.

  11. Hello Malika,
    Thank you for the opportunity to review your book. I enjoyed Lost Souls very much.
    The link to my review is here:

    Happy holidays,

    1. Thank you so much. Just one or two things if you could correct it? My surname is spelt Gandhi. Also the title of the book is Lost Soul.
      Would you be kind enough to add it to amazon please?

      1. I will get it fixed by tomorrow. I am away from my desk today with son who’s had his tonsils out.

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