harry-potter-and-the-cursed-childFirst things first, you will need to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, to understand Harry Potter  And The Cursed Child. There are other references too, from Book 1 and Book 2, although in my opinion, it’s not necessary to read those books to understand this theatre play.

Saying that, the majority of persons living on this planet (and those aliens from other planets we have never seen or heard of – who could have downloaded The Cursed Child via their magnificent technology – may have read it too. Hey, it may be true!)

Anyway, I liked the script and yes, I read it in a day! That, to me, is amazing and quite impressive, since I haven’t finished reading a book in ages. What’s the story, I hear you ask.

Well, it’s about two boys called Albus and Scorpius; two friends who are put in the Slytherin house. Albus is Harry and Ginny’s son (they have three in total), and Scorpius is Draco Malfoy’s son. We also get to see the original cast – Harry, Ron, Hermione, with Draco and Ginny.

The story weaves in and out of timelines that is more complicated than the one in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Albus and Scorpius are in the middle of these adventures and accidently on purpose (you will know what I mean) change the present and the future, thus creating an alternative timeline. (It reminded me of Back to the Future…)

I can picture JK Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne going crazy writing this crazy stuff (I said crazy twice, didn’t I?) making sure nothing was missed out!

So, back to the review, I loved the fact that JK Rowling gave us glimpses of Snape, Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore, even if he was in a painting form. At times, I forgot I was reading a script for a theatre play, and thought I was reading a real book.

There are a lot of twists and turns in The Cursed Child, which was a delight to read. You are taken back into the magical world of Hogwarts! However, I will not reveal any spoilers, on no.

So, this was my review. I could go on forever, but then I would be revealing spoilers, and that is just wrong. So if you haven’t already read the play/book, do it now. You won’t be disappointed!



Dragonwand 1 Bestseller Cover

He Who Seeks Power, Seeks Destruction.

Over 1000 years ago, nearly all the ancient wizards were destroyed after the Wizard Wars. However, the one who started the War still remains, having worked his will in secret. If he can find the last Dragonwand, he will regain his powers as the dark dragon. Unaware of the Dragonwand or the betrayer, sixteen-year-old Markus is looking for a wizard who will give him a letter of recommendation for the College of Wizardry. During his journey, he stumbles upon Tolen the Wise, who sends Markus on a quest to end the darkness and find the Dragonwand before it gets into the wrong hands. As Markus discovers growing powers and makes allies, will he find what he needs to complete Tolen’s task, or will the ancient, dark wizard uncover the Dragonwand and forever change the fate of the land of Gallenor?




Daniel Peyton is a fresh author whose talents includes, writing, sketching and dreaming out adventures in faraway places that he seeks to bring to paper. He lives in East Tennessee where he draws a great deal of inspiration from the unique landscape. He has been featured in short story e-zines as well as flash fiction blogs. Legacy of Dragonwand: Book I is the first book in the Dragonwand Trilogy.

Are you selfish?

Now, I want you to think about something. Are you selfish? There is good selfishness, and bad selfishness. Let me explain.

Bad selfishness: this is when you want everything to yourself, and you won’t give back to the community or give back to the universe in general. Doing this, puts you in a Bad place, wherever that may be or what it may be.

Good selfishness: this is when you put others before you, and you give so much to the community, to the world, to the universe we live in, that goodness surrounds us like a flock of birds. There is abundance in this act.

In many cases, we do the things others do because they are doing it, and we don’t want to feel left out. In that race to out do the other, we become selfish and all the things associated with selfishness, such as greed, and loathing, becomes a big, fat, grey dragon that breathes out fire of hatred. The worst thing is that we can’t shake it off.

What about if we stop following others, and do what we, as an individual i.e YOU, want to do. Would you like great opportunities, great life prospects, great family and friends? If your answer is yes, then perhaps giving a little would bring you more.

I’ll tell you a little about my story. I was in a job where everyone was leaving, for various reasons. My morale was low as my friends were moving on. Where I worked, had no scope of progression for me, anyway. I began looking for a job, but I didn’t take it seriously. That was, until someone told me the truth to my face – that this job was not right for me. I let the anger build inside of me. I began to look in earnest at other job opportunities. Within two weeks, I found another job with better prospects for my future.

I was thinking this morning, should I be selfish and think bad thoughts about this person, or should I thank that person for telling me the truth, and thus, helping me find a job that actually suited me? Should I bad mouth that person? If I didn’t act on that person’s words, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I am now looking at a better 2017, and I can’t wait to get started, and I thank that person for making my life better!

So, was this good or bad selfishness? It was bad at first, as I was angry and I was thinking bad things about this person. However, it turned out to be good selfishness, as I got something great out of it, and I became peaceful about that person. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a saint. But, I think it is time, that I let my grudges go, and think positive.I am putting good intentions inside me, to bring about a better life for me in many ways.

Karma is a huge aspect of selfishness, especially bad selfishness. We reap what we sow. So why not reap good things in life, kick those bad feelings out of the window and lose those bad acts that we do now and then, and step up in life. Don’t bad mouth other people, don’t think bad thoughts about them, but think of something that will makes you happier.



I believe, that sometimes, thinking good things about another person, albeit what that other person has done or is doing to you, or saying about you, IS BETTER for YOU in the long run. Good things will always follow. And Just Let It Go.

Many times, someone has called me something bad. Even now, they still do. The reason for that occurring, is a) that person doesn’t like you, b) that person is jealous of you c) that person won’t relate to you on any level. How does that make you feel? Pretty lousy, huh. Let that black cloud pass, for you, and only you know how Great you are, and what you have in your life that is great already.

So, I leave you with some thoughts, be happy, be confident, be subjective, and reap good things in life, for the universe to bring good things to you!



Goa-Rajkot-Diu-Mumbai Pics 016 (1)






Happiness and Gratitude – #1

20161114_193109In this series of short articles, I will be talking about Happiness and Gratitude. Both go hand in hand, and works wonders when practiced together.

I will talk about basic happiness today. It is so simple, and practiced in our day to day lives, that we hardly notice it as Happiness, and we take it for granted. What is that happiness, I hear you say? Okay, well, it is in fact: FOOD and WATER.

Think about it, without Food and Water, where would human kind be? Extinct, right? When we don’t eat for a good length of time, and hunger becomes starvation, our bodies react in ways that cause us pain. When we are thirsty, we long for a drink – any drink.  Think about when you last ate your meal, and drank that glass of water or had something like fruit juice. You felt full, and content. That was Happiness.

Let’s rewind to the 1800’s. A poor person’s wage was very low, and they had to decide on
how much to spend on food and rent that week. It was so bad that their only meal of the day would be a slice of bread, with butter if they could afford it, and a glass of water. They ate it, Grateful for the food and water they received that day.

diwali_16x9Back to 2016, we are now at an era when we have money to afford luxurious foods, and highly expensive drinks. We see food and drink, and we want to photograph it and splash it on social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. We are Happy to see culinary delights and we dig in. We are Happy. That is our initial Happiness.

When we wake up, we are grumpy. What is the first thing you go for when your stomach starts yelling for food? We go and get coffee or tea, and a slice of toast, or if you fancy it, last night’s pizza! Food feeds our stomach and brain, bringing elation and satisfaction all rolled into one. 

Did you eat chocolate today, and did you have that pint, even your favourite glass of something fizzy? How did you feel when ate and drank it? Exactly! Happy.

So today, I want you to think about that simple act of Happiness you received today in terms of food and drink, and be Grateful for it. In this day, and age, many still go hungry and some even die of thirst. We live in the 21st Century, where this simple Happiness should be there for everyone.

Let’s show Gratitude for the food and drink we received today, for that is Simple Happiness.


I welcome for topics you want me to cover, in terms of Happiness and Gratitude. Please comment or email me at freedomofthemonsoon@gmail.com












A free ebook

Hi good book readers,

This is a quick post to let you know that one of my books is free on Amazon for five days! So, download your copy now! If you would like to and have time, please leave a review as it helps my book be seen by more people.

Secrets COVER WITH SUBTITLEWhere the Secret Lies – a paranormal romance

A mansion (Haveli). A sealed door. A spirit. And a secret.
Nineteen-year-old Arianna and her family travel from London to India for a lavish wedding. Excitement turns to bewilderment and then curiosity when strange things start happening within the Haveli walls. A sealed door opens and Arianna is given Anjali’s diary, which recounts a romantic adventure that began during the bloody turmoil of partition in 1948.

So begins a paranormal experience that leaves Arianna stunned and demanding answers. Who is Anjali? Why did the door unseal for her? Is there something the spirit wants to show her? What could it possibly be? A haveli. A sealed door. A spirit. And a secret.

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Neerja’s Story

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

neerja-bhanot-movie-pic-3I was alright up until the middle of the film. No, this is not a story but a real time event that happened many years ago. I thought I would not be affected by one single girl dying, for during this hijacking, many other people were killed by these terrorists. However, they had no choice but Neerja did.

She chose kindness over self-rescue.  I am talking about Neerja Bhanot who rescued over 300 passengers of Pan Am flight 73 in 1986 when four hijackers took control of the ground-bound airline, and threatened the Pakistani authorities to abide by their demands. The Pakistani authorities did whatever they could, but when the lights went out in the aircraft after 17 hours, the hijackers lost control and began shooting.

Throughout this ordeal, Neerja, who was the Purser of the flight, showed bravery and courage and helped the passengers as much as she was allowed. She hid the American passports so the hijackers couldn’t kill any Americans, and made sure the passengers were safe. In the end, Neerja opened an emergency exit and told the passengers to run. She was the last one to leave the aircraft with three children, when one hijacker turned on them. Neerja shielded the children and took the bullets.

Neerja Bhanot died.

A girl of 23 died to save the lives of three small children.

I salute such a brave girl. 

Researching about this magnificent soul, I came across the Neerja Bhanot Pan Am Trust – Neerja Awards. If you know anyone who is deemed worthy of such an award, please follow the guidelines, for anyone who can show such bravery, deserves recognition.

You will or will not feel the same as I do, but to me, she is an angel who had come to Earth for 23 years to save over 300 precious lives.


Guest post by Erika Gardner: Everyday and Not-so Everyday Magic & Miracles

I am a big believer in miracles and magic. Yes, I write about fantabulous things, magical creatures and wondrous sorcery, but I see quieter magic all around us. People can do great things on a daily basis. The power of a hug, the comfort of prayer, and the outcome of a sympathetic ear all have a ripple effect upon the world at large. One person holds a door for another, then that second person picks up something someone dropped, the third subsequently compliments a friend on something and so on. The positive vibes flow, changing each person’s day for the better.

It’s no less special than the stuff in my books though it’s easier to miss the power of a kind word than a dragon appearing in the sky before. And on that note I’d like to share exactly that. This is an excerpt from my new novel The Dragon in The Garden. This is Daisy coming home. Please enjoy.


“Siobhan,” Turel said. The intensity of his tone caught my ear, and I turned to him. He lingered a few feet away from me, his eyes fixed serenely on a point far away.

I joined him, my eyes on the horizon. The setting sun painted the sky a vivid seascape of blues, pinks, violets and oranges. As the sun lowered to the lowest point in the sky, in the instant before its rays spilled over the back of the world, there shone a beam of concentrated light, as precise as a laser. After a second, the light expanded, becoming a brilliant, white ray. It continued to grow, morphing into a tunnel in reverse, but instead of darkness, it blazed a corridor of light. The white light became prismatic, flickering with a rainbow of dancing diamond sparkles, splashing colors of all hues in front of my dazzled eyes.

Turel enclosed one of my hands in his warm grasp. “It is something to see, yes?” His tone reflected true awe.

“Is this your first time seeing this?” I asked in a whisper. The tunnel became larger, dwarfing us. With my free hand I shielded my eyes. Leia sat at my side, gazing in the distance.

“No, I have seen this many times.” He held out his other hand and waved it at the mighty light show. “But a miracle is no less glorious for having previously happened.”

To my left Tim and Alex continued their ridiculous rock throwing competition. Their stones sailed right through the expanding brilliance they could not see. “Guys, are you kidding me?” In the emotion of the moment, my voice growled, low and hoarse.

They stopped and gave me matching blank expressions. “What?” Alex said.

“Hey, what are you guys staring at?” Tim sounded defensive.

Before I could answer their questions, I heard it. A sweet sound, soft at first, barely a whisper, carried on the breeze. Turel’s smile grew even brighter, matching the shining portal. “She comes.” His eyes shone as they met mine.

Alex glanced this way and that. “Does anyone hear that sound?” he asked.

Tim craned his head. “I hear it. It sounds like bells.”

“Wind chimes,” I corrected, still staring straight ahead. “It’s wind chimes.” The air shimmered. Light danced in an intense aurora borealis. Patterns of colors streaked and swooped in a heavenly painting. One hue dominated the others. The deep shade of jade green spread. An enormous form took shape, dressing itself in swathes of color. The huge outline solidified: graceful wings, a serpentine neck, and a curving tail. Two amber lights appeared like jewels in the viridian air. Everything intensified, heightening each of my senses; the lights pulsed. A beautiful, green dragon hovered in the air. With two mighty beats of her massive wings, she crested then landed behind us. I ran forward with a cry. “Daisy.”

“Damn it,” growled Tim. “I can’t see anything even a bit like a dragon.”

“Unless it’s a super little one,” said Alex, his face downcast.

Turel laughed— a big, belly laugh full of joy. “Gwyrdd, you sly minx, show them. Drop the glamour and let our friends see you.”

Daisy twisted her head to one side in a coquettish gesture and in that voice I had never forgotten said, “Certainly, Turiel, dear one.” Suppressed mirth laced her tone. “How’s this, children?”

When she spoke these last words the music of wind chimes came again, louder this time. As their bright notes sounded around us, I saw the precise instant when both my brother and my first love, the two who believed in me all these years, finally saw my dragon.

TheDragoninTheGardenbyErikaGardner-200To purchase The Dragon in The Garden please see:





erikagardnerauthorpicThis post was written by Erika Gardner. She’s a native Californian, lifelong lover of fantastical adventures, and a dedicated Whovian.  If you enjoyed it, please sign up to receive updates on www.erikagardner.com   Or you can follow Erika on Twitter @Erika_Gardner, “Like” her Facebook page Erika Gardner- Writer and Storyteller. Or check out her contributions to the BBB Blog.



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