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I lost 2 inches off my waist!


It is true! I lost 2 inches off my waist! And it feels fantastic!

So I started a weight loss programme created by myself, and this is what I did:

  • I stopped eating bread everyday
  • I drank a mug of hot lemon water everyday
  • Did my crunches everyday – my target was 100

And that was it. I didn’t follow a fad diet but only these simple rules. There were days when I didn’t want to do crunches, but I made sure I did them. Sometimes I even did more than my target and once I reached 170 crunches in one go. Quite impressive for me!

IMG_20140417_032011I also had a chance to do some bonus weight loss activities – which was walking in the pool, and teaching my little one to swim. Walking is a great simple exercise, and fun too when with friends, or like me – just taking it in my stride with my young one!


So, last week I briefly spoke about Leptin and that is it a hormone that controls our body fat. Here is more science:

Fat likes women and men. But especially in women, as it clings to our thighs, buttocks, waist, calves and the list goes on! This is because our hormones tell our brains what to do. There are many books out there on Leptin, and what it does to women in weight gain so I urge you to go and read it. I will just touch on the subject.

So, Leptin is a hormone that affects our weight. It is produced by stored fat, and controls how much food we eat and how fast we burn it. When Fat Storage is low, the leptin ‘tank’ is low, so the brain tells us to eat more. So, we need to control that aspect of our hormone and reverse it. We need to tell the brain that it is okay that the leptin tank is low, and that we don’t need to eat anymore.

This is where we need to recondition our brains, and put ‘ideas’ into our subconscious mind. We need to tell it that we will survive if our leptin tank is low. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself, but just eat less and watch what you eating and when.

I am no expert and I don’t claim to be one, and am still a novice. But it is good to know all this.

So, coming away from Science, and back into the real world:

IMG_20140417_031644If you want to lose stomach fat – chant a mantra and make sure it is embedded into your subconscious that you will lose the fat, and DO the crunches. Start by doing 20 a day, and build it up. Don’t forget the water!

Okay, until next time folks!