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Happiness and Gratitude – #1

20161114_193109In this series of short articles, I will be talking about Happiness and Gratitude. Both go hand in hand, and works wonders when practiced together.

I will talk about basic happiness today. It is so simple, and practiced in our day to day lives, that we hardly notice it as Happiness, and we take it for granted. What is that happiness, I hear you say? Okay, well, it is in fact: FOOD and WATER.

Think about it, without Food and Water, where would human kind be? Extinct, right? When we don’t eat for a good length of time, and hunger becomes starvation, our bodies react in ways that cause us pain. When we are thirsty, we long for a drink – any drink.  Think about when you last ate your meal, and drank that glass of water or had something like fruit juice. You felt full, and content. That was Happiness.

Let’s rewind to the 1800’s. A poor person’s wage was very low, and they had to decide on
how much to spend on food and rent that week. It was so bad that their only meal of the day would be a slice of bread, with butter if they could afford it, and a glass of water. They ate it, Grateful for the food and water they received that day.

diwali_16x9Back to 2016, we are now at an era when we have money to afford luxurious foods, and highly expensive drinks. We see food and drink, and we want to photograph it and splash it on social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. We are Happy to see culinary delights and we dig in. We are Happy. That is our initial Happiness.

When we wake up, we are grumpy. What is the first thing you go for when your stomach starts yelling for food? We go and get coffee or tea, and a slice of toast, or if you fancy it, last night’s pizza! Food feeds our stomach and brain, bringing elation and satisfaction all rolled into one. 

Did you eat chocolate today, and did you have that pint, even your favourite glass of something fizzy? How did you feel when ate and drank it? Exactly! Happy.

So today, I want you to think about that simple act of Happiness you received today in terms of food and drink, and be Grateful for it. In this day, and age, many still go hungry and some even die of thirst. We live in the 21st Century, where this simple Happiness should be there for everyone.

Let’s show Gratitude for the food and drink we received today, for that is Simple Happiness.


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