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Elephants and work

When I see pictures like this, I think of the animals that ‘work’ and I wonder if they are ‘paid’. When I mean payment, I mean are these elephants  fed well and looked after and treated fine? I would like to think so.

I painted this picture for two reasons:

1. I love elephants – they nature, their abslute strength and their personalities.

2. I wanted to show how these animals are ‘worked’.

The picture actually was dull and non-inviting so I painted it in vibrant colours and added texture and some ‘personality’.

It was painted in oils and took me a long time to perfect but I finally got the result I was looking for.

I would value some comments on the painting and on the issue of working animals.

Thanks for reading.

The Old House

I like dwelling into history (although that was never a favourite subject of mine back in my school days – I blame the boring teacher that I had!) but one cannot forget ‘history’ as that is what has made us and will continue to do so.

This sketch/drawing you see on the right, was done when I was watching a DVD set in the old days, on DVD. My eldest son was doing some drawing and he had his felt-tips and paper out. I took a paper from him and borrowed his artist pens! And I began this picture at first, by drawing the road, then the hills and the outhouse.

I thought of dark roads and a lonely house one passes on the English country road, in the middle of nowhere. I thought the perfect setting would be a low sunset, darkening the surroundings gradually that the headlights have to be put on, from a passing car.

It is winter, the trees are derelict of their leaves, casting a skeletal shadow as a cat, sitting on the rooftop of a house, which seems inviting, watches the car drive.

This drawing makes me feel I am back in Old England, in the rural countryside. I imagine a fire roaring inside, with a family of a Ma, Pa, five children, a grandmother and a dog and a cat. It is supper time, and they sit at the table whilst Ma serves warm dinner as the dog sleeps and the cat sits on the roof.

But something sinister is lurking outside…


I would like to invite you all to perhaps add to this story and drawing or tell one your own, a small paragraph? What does the picture say to you?

Paris at night

This picture was photographed when I was doing my AS Level in photography, an image of a very pretty street in Paris. The atmosphere was romantic and the lights gave a soft glow to the street. Some shops lined the way and benches were scattered here and there.

I painted the picture in oils and decided to do it black and white. I found it challenging but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I remember it was a quiet street and people went about their business, talking in low voices or hurrying along to their destination, heads down. It was quite cold too, as the month was November.

There is something about Paris, that sets the hearts going. To me, Paris is all about croissants, live music, clinking glasses and the arts. The people are good tempered and interesting. You just need to learn a bit of the lingo.

Painting – Lord Ganesh – The Elephant God

This painting was inspired from a greeting card which was given to me one Diwali. I experimented with the colours and came upon this lush, fresh green which complemented the whole picture. Lord Ganesh is a remover of obstacles and therefore prayed to before a major event in one’s life, such as a wedding, a business opening or new start in a career/job.

Lord Ganesh is an inspiration to me.