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P.K – a movie controversy

galaxy 2Today I am going to write about a Bollywood movie that caused a lot of controversy in India. The film is called P.K. starring the infamous Aamir Khan.

I have to admit, when I saw bits of promotional reels, I didn’t find it appealing; I found it strange. I hadn’t known that the story was about an alien who arrives to Earth to explore and study its people.

My sister was keen and dragged me with her to see the film and I was skeptical but I thought I would give it a go.

Aamir Khan’s movies are not run-of-the mill, commercial entertainment pieces with scores of songs and dancing that lead to nowhere. They are hand-picked and unique, mostly with a message associated.  P.K is an alien (Aamir Khan), and the name P.K means tipsy. Why was he named P.K?Pk-Poster-Anushka-Sharma-007

The reason behind the name is because the humans thought he was a drunkard who didn’t understand ‘God’ and His ways. The character P.K asked questions based on religion, and ones that no one had an answer to. This confused P.K even more.

The questions were interesting, and made me think about my faith, and the universe with its many galaxies.

Did God make the galaxies or did a galaxy happen all on its own? Do we, as humans, follow our faith blindly? Many arguments o religion have been part of our beliefs for many years, and still, we don’t the answers to many questions thrown at us. Will we ever know?

galaxy 1 The movie questioned religion is many ways. Some were intriguing: is religion created to control? Did we humans create God or did God create us and the world as we see it? P.K points out religion as ‘companies’ and we as their ‘managers.’ This was very interesting.

Do we ‘sell’ our Gods to humanity’s demands for a system of belief and hope, to make our lives better than it already is?

I believe in Spiritualism, and therefore I follow the religion Jainism, which is worshiping the Soul. We look up to our Gods who fasted for our lives. Therefore, I believe in God. I also believe in the creation of the universe and the Big Bang Theory (not the U.S. sitcom J) and evolution – I believe in science. Do the two contradict each other? I don’t know what is correct and what is not, perhaps there is a greater force out there, joining the two together – Science and Faith.

P.K points out that there are many galaxies out there, not just ours. Do other galaxies have a planet like ours where religion plays an important role? I would like to think so.

Faith/religion is a delicate subject and P.K the film, portrays this very well.PK 2

The movie is fun-filled and hilarious to watch in my opinion, with a topic that will touch the hearts of everyone. Yes, it will make some people angry and some may question the ‘wring-doings’ of the faith they believe in, or they may question themselves and their own actions in support of their religion.

I believe that God is One, and we humans have created a division to cater our own needs, hence Companies and their Managers. Religion/faith is not wrong and neither is Science . Listen to what your heart wants to tell you, and embrace all notion.

Don’t forget Love and Happiness but do forget War, and make peace. That is what religion should be about. Perhaps that is what P.K is trying to tell us in the form of an alien.

What do you think? Let’s discuss!