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Happiness and Gratitude – #1

20161114_193109In this series of short articles, I will be talking about Happiness and Gratitude. Both go hand in hand, and works wonders when practiced together.

I will talk about basic happiness today. It is so simple, and practiced in our day to day lives, that we hardly notice it as Happiness, and we take it for granted. What is that happiness, I hear you say? Okay, well, it is in fact: FOOD and WATER.

Think about it, without Food and Water, where would human kind be? Extinct, right? When we don’t eat for a good length of time, and hunger becomes starvation, our bodies react in ways that cause us pain. When we are thirsty, we long for a drink – any drink.  Think about when you last ate your meal, and drank that glass of water or had something like fruit juice. You felt full, and content. That was Happiness.

Let’s rewind to the 1800’s. A poor person’s wage was very low, and they had to decide on
how much to spend on food and rent that week. It was so bad that their only meal of the day would be a slice of bread, with butter if they could afford it, and a glass of water. They ate it, Grateful for the food and water they received that day.

diwali_16x9Back to 2016, we are now at an era when we have money to afford luxurious foods, and highly expensive drinks. We see food and drink, and we want to photograph it and splash it on social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. We are Happy to see culinary delights and we dig in. We are Happy. That is our initial Happiness.

When we wake up, we are grumpy. What is the first thing you go for when your stomach starts yelling for food? We go and get coffee or tea, and a slice of toast, or if you fancy it, last night’s pizza! Food feeds our stomach and brain, bringing elation and satisfaction all rolled into one. 

Did you eat chocolate today, and did you have that pint, even your favourite glass of something fizzy? How did you feel when ate and drank it? Exactly! Happy.

So today, I want you to think about that simple act of Happiness you received today in terms of food and drink, and be Grateful for it. In this day, and age, many still go hungry and some even die of thirst. We live in the 21st Century, where this simple Happiness should be there for everyone.

Let’s show Gratitude for the food and drink we received today, for that is Simple Happiness.


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Inspiration on Writing that something

Do you love to write? Do you want to write? What are your excuses? Can’t find the time, I have kids, I have … and the list goes on.

Well today, I have Katherine Garbera, a very successful author with 75 books published, here with me today to tell us how she organises her workload and how she manages to write every day! Over to you, Katherine!

Katherine Garbera

For the majority of my adult life (since I was 23) I have been writing.  I’ve been published since I was 26 and have made writing my daily life.  I set goals so I stay on track and accomplish the things that are important to me.  Goal setting and daily writing go hand and hand for me.  And I hope these tips will help to achieve your goals as well.

 Goal Setting

  • Write it down. There is great power in words. We already know this, it’s why we are writers, but when we think we want something but we only keep it in our mind and never write it down, it isn’t concrete.  By writing it down and looking at it every day, it helps to focus the mind and gives you the motivation to ensure you do are working toward your goal every day.
  • Make your goals achievable.
    It’s easy to get excited when making a list but if you don’t believe you can do it, you won’t. So pick things that you can accomplish.  One of my goals is to write every day.  I can easily do that and some days, if I’m honest, writing feels like a job and not fun, so putting down a goal of writing every day makes it easier for me to do.
  • Small steps = success.
    Once you’ve written down your goal then figure out what steps you have to take to make it happen. For example if your goal is to finish a book this year, then think what do you have to do every day to make it happen?  Probably write a certain number of pages/words a day.  Then you make that your daily goal and finishing the book your yearly goal.
  • Put things on the list that are easy i.e. write every day.
    Don’t make your list so big that the thought of looking at it makes you shiver with dread. Put on things you can easily do.  One of mine is stand up for 15 minutes every hour.  This is something I really should do, but don’t.  For health reasons I really need to start making it happen, so by adding it to my list, I’m making it happen.  But it’s easy and achievable as well with very little effort from me.
  • Make it measurable.
    How will you measure you steps to your target? Taking our earlier goal of finishing a book in year, then the daily goal of writing each day, you should have a check in at the end of every week and month to see if you are getting closer.  It might be that your book is going faster than you thought and you might finish it early.  Or you might find that you have to write more to make your goal.  Whatever happens adjust accordingly.

Daily Writing:

  • All you need is 5 minutes.
    A lot of time it’s easy to make excuses not to write. Writing is hard and sometimes scary.  So we tell ourselves that we can’t write because we don’t have a dedicated space (go to the library or coffee shop), it’s too noisy (use headphones and some soothing sounds i.e. rain forest or ocean), I don’t have a huge block of time (you only need five minutes to write a sentence).  This is the inner creative child who is afraid of failing stopping you from writing.  You can calm it by sitting down and saying I’m only going to write for five minutes and then stop.  Usually, that will jump start the creative juices and lead to writing for much longer.
  • Log your writing and find the time that works best for you.
    This is sort of fun if you like graphs and spreadsheets. I don’t but I still like doing it.  You try writing at different times during the day. Some of you (like people with demanding day jobs and moms) won’t have the luxury and you’ll end up writing like I did when I worked fulltime…in my car on my lunch break and then when I had two toddlers at night after they went to bed.  But you will find the time that you are most productive by logging the amount of pages/words you get done in a writing session.  Then you can focus your efforts to writing during that time.
  • Set your timer: Write 15 minutes, break 10 minutes, Write 15 minutes.
    Try the timer. It’s kind of like the only 5 minutes things but this is for when you are on a deadline and you have to get a certain number of pages done in order to turn your book in on time.  You can adjust the timing to whatever works for you.  This is my current set up and I really like it.
  • Set achievable expectations: 500 words, 5 pages, 1 chapter.
    It’s unrealistic to think you’re going to write 50 pages in one day unless you’ve done this before. So set goals that make sense to you and realize they will grow the longer you are writing every day.  I think of this creative part of my mind as a muscle that gets stronger the more I use it.  When I first started writing I could do one chapter a week.  That was it.  I had a full time job, two kids and a husband—more than that simply wouldn’t work for me.  But once I started writing full time I found I could write a little bit more and now I write a chapter a day and still have time to do fun things!
  • Use an affirmation that jump starts your writing session.
    This only works if you believe in affirmations.  But I always say “Writing is fun and easy for me.” Makes the writing session more like fun than work.

Thank you Katherine! I know what my goals are going to be!

To purchase her latest release, Eye Candy, click here: Eye Candy

To purchase her upcoming release, His Baby Agenda, click here: His Baby Agenda

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Weight Loss and Leptin


This is a very short blog, and about something I am going to start. I am going to share my results of my weight loss with you as regularly as I can – let’s say once a week?

I have just found out about this hormone called Leptin, which is the trigger for all women’s weight loss crisis, and I am going to use the science behind it to help me lose weight naturally, and safely.

I hope you will follow me on this journey, and encourage me to NOT give up!

All comments appreciated!

Thank you!


Ps: This is a picture of me now:DSC09254


Positive thoughts against Negative thoughts

To gain success we must think positively. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But it’s not so simple. Recently I have come across a book which has helped me in my thinking and my analysing of my world around me.

I have taken a step back and looked at things in a different way. We all want success and a happier life and we always want more. Of course, we must work hard for it as it doesn’t just fall in our laps. But we have to think differently and that is the key to success.

Our minds are full of clutter of everyday, unwanted litter and we must delete them. Like an inbox full of spam, we must clear it all from our database – the mind.

Meditation and Yoga is a powerful tool to help us do this. It washes away our insercurities and our negative thinking. It need not take a lot of time but just twenty minutes of your time. Let your thoughts come to you freely and discard the ones you don’t want.

Speak to your higher power or your guiding spirits and see where they will lead you.

Remember, positive thinking and a clear mind, with meditation and yoga is the path to take.