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A Film Director in the Making

Today, I am hosting a blog from twenty year old Matt Thomas, who is from North-West England. Going into the second year of university, where he is studying BA Hons Drama, he is looking into becoming a film director. He would like to work on projects that tests audiences and make them think more about the character and create much more of a relationship between character and audience. 

Matt has begun to write blogs and create Vlogs so that he can start to get his ideas out there. After his third year at university he plans to move to America and do a Masters in Film to understand more clearly the role of the director. His dream is to get into New York Film Academy to do the Masters degree.

“I feel that the US has more opportunities for budding film makers and actors. I would also love to create more opportunity over in the United Kingdom and give more people the chance to do what they dream of doing. I know these things will take time and effort but I am willing to put in the hours to reach this goal”.

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Music and Mood

This is my second guest blog and I’ve been asked to comment on music and how it affects our mood, not just in life but also in the use of people’s work.

When working on a script or a story or when I’m doing one of my university assignments;  I think music helps me focus, depending on the style and genre of music. It can also help create and think of ideas for your work.

As I’m writing this I’m listening to a mix-tape on the internet, from my favourite music mix-tape site and I’m enjoying some food. These are helping me create this work and helping me find the words I need to portray what I’m thinking. Music also helps motivate as well as inspire. This week I moved into a new student house and with the right music I was able to rearrange my furniture and clean up any parts of the house that had been neglected. It has also helped me when I’m looking into my work.

Music and sound works in two ways in film, there is diegetic and non-diegetic. These two types explain exactly what the music or sound is there for, for example if there was a song on that the character was listening to, then that would be diegetic; in other words the sound or music that is actually happening in the scene. The diegetic style shows us how the sound and/or music affect the character. With non-diegetic music it is a different case entirely.

Now as an inspiring director I am very wary of over-using diegetic music – seeing as it is sound or music that the character cannot hear but we can. This music/sound normally tones what is happening and hints to us how we, as an audience, should feel; for example if there is a scary scene, then the music will always be low and ominous, building up slowly until the part where there is a shock in the scene, like a monster jumping out, this is where high pitch strings are introduced to give it a more screechy worrying tone.

I’m wary of the use non-diegetic music. Some films and TV shows over-use it and it can cause the believability of a show/film to be lost and the audience start to lose interest. It gets to a point in the film where it’s all just non-diegetic music and too much action and it just does not mean anything. I believe that there should be more diegetic music and sound so the audience know how the character feels and therefore, when something bad happens to the character, they are affected more. I’m not saying the use of non-diegetic music is wrong and it should not be used because I have seen some good films that use non-diegetic very cleverly and leave the audience in suspense a lot of the time, but surely you could also do this with diegetic sound and music.

In the end music affects us just as it does a character in a film and people who say music is not important have not had the experience of discovering what it can do for you. Some of the newer pop music is rather unnecessary and over sexualised. I understand that this new music style isn’t good for much except maybe a night out or a party, but even then gets very boring after listening to it too often. This is why I like to discover new, or even old, artists that test music and try to create something different and more meaningful.