New writing by children, short stories

Skellig: Origins (Chapter One), by Dhanush Gandhi

Chapter One

There was a boy called Skellig. This boy was born in such terrible times, when wars raged between the winged and the non-winged people.

Skellig belonged to the almighty winged side, yet he didn’t have wings since he was a new born. The war lasted for over 30 years. By the time Skellig was 12, he too could start to fight in the dreadful war. He had his armour, his wings, and his strength.

Skellig’s heart was beating in a tense mood. And in 3… 2… 1

“CHARGE!” Skellig shouted. Everyone collided into each other, throwing spears, jabbing swords into their innocent hearts. It was full of blood and gore. Skellig had his first strike at killing the non-winged with a spear. The winged had won this battle but many more await them. It was the next day and they were ambushed by a team of non-winged but double the first team.

They went for a team huddle. Skellig’s mother, who was their leader, began to speak, “we have got the power and the will to beat these people and if we don’t, then our land will be ruled over by our nemesis, the non-winged.”

The battle began… strikes of blood were splattering everywhere but this time they were losing. Now all the kids, including Skellig, were being evacuated to a better place where there was not a war. Only their kind lived there. Skellig, on the other hand, ran away and flew far from danger but could not find a safe place. He decided to go back…  SLASH! Skellig was killed, his blood splattered onto the floor.

“NOOOOOO!” Skellig’s mother and father screamed. Their son was dead.

Chapter Two coming soon!