Books with a soul

12085226_961995730513623_830272823_oLOST SOUL

Available on Amazon: Lost Soul

Why does a Soul have to suffocate? Why does she have to bear a burden?  Read Aanchal’s story, a spirit who had to live in isolation even after her death.



Available on Amazon: Where the Secret Lies

Finding a husband who you want to marry, and are not forced to marry is something every girl dreams of. That’s what happened with Anjali, only she didn’t expect to be the second wife!


Available on Amazon:  Freedom of the Monsoon

Nobody wants to get caught up in an independence war. Nobody wants to lose their a happy life and be hurled into a place where their neighbours are slaughtered like animals, and where their families are torn apart. Follow the lives of four normal villagers, whose lives get turned upside down in the turmoil of Indian Independence!



18 thoughts on “Books with a soul”

  1. Hi
    I’ve started reading the book and it’s really intreged me to read more. The book is very descriptive so u can make out the scene in your head.. More to read so will update u more on it later! :D

  2. Got my copy of Freedom of the Monsoon – can’t wait to get stuck in over easter!! Already excited and I’ve only read the blurb ;)…..keep them coming malika! :)

  3. Malika, My heartiest congrats to you for this superb addition to the novels on British raj. I’ve just started reading the book and I find it to be an excellent portrayal of the fiery revolution–the Quit India Movement–that is considered to be a precursor to the freedom of India in 1947. Bravo!

  4. I’m definitely reading the book! You have a beautiful website. It really gives people a feel for the kind of person you want to be. If you’re Buddhist I know another Buddhist author you’d probably enjoy getting in touch with. Regards.

    1. Thank you so much. Just one or two things if you could correct it? My surname is spelt Gandhi. Also the title of the book is Lost Soul.
      Would you be kind enough to add it to amazon please?

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